Standard League Streaming: 30th Nov - 6th Dec

Welcome to week 6 of standard league streaming.

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Week 6 Back-to-Back's

Mon/Tue: DAL, POR
Thu/Fri: None
Sat/Sun: GSW, SAC

Streaming Candidates

Clint Capela 24% ownership

Capela started against the Sixers on Friday and notched a double-double with 2 blocks. In his last 3 games with over 25 minutes played he also tallied a double-double, averaging 2 blocks per contest. The Rockets new coach is quoted saying that Capela, in tandem with Howard, will continue to start in two-towers fashion, sending Terrence Jones to the bench.

While Jones is very athletic and capable, his fantasy numbers are (usually) better than his on-court value. However, Houston is likely to tamper with lineups for a while longer, and the nearing return of Motiejunas could force Capela back into a smaller role. Capela is the hottest thing on the wire now for rebounds, blocks and double-double's, and his ownership percentage is steadily growing.

If you want Capela, you're going to have to grab him now, if he's still available at all, as the Rockets are going to play 4 games this week.

T.J. Warren 23% ownership

Warren only recently made it onto the fantasy radar, but he is making a serious push – at the very least he should keep getting those minutes, but he has been outplaying starter P.J. Tucker by leaps and bounds on the stat-sheet.

His career-high 28 points came in garbage minutes, but he had a nice week altogether averaging 20.7 points on 61.4% shooting in over 25 minutes played per 3 games. There is no doubt that his hot-hand is worth riding into this next week, but those stellar numbers are clearly unsustainable.

He is worth a flier this week, and worth a spot on your watch-list going forward. Phoenix will be playing 4 games this week.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 22% ownership

RHJ, for lack of a better nickname, is killing it lately with averages of 9.8 rebounds, 3.3 steals, 0.5 blocks and 9.8 points on 50% shooting in 30 minutes per game in his last 4 games. While his current production will most certainly mellow out, I think an average of 6.5 rebounds, 8.0 points and 1.5 steals is both modest and achievable.

With high percentages and low TO's to boot, he can pad those boards, points and steals without really hurting you in any category either, certainly a rarity for a waiver-wire find. Also, you have to wonder if Brooklyn is interested in putting the on-court time and work into developing him.

He is playing well above his minutes average, and it should continue that way until the average catches up – like I said last week the only other SF's on the team are Joe Johnson and Bogdanovic, and those veteran minutes are costly for a non-competitor like the Nets. Brooklyn plays only 3 games this week, but they play Friday and Sunday for a late-week option.

Back-to-Back Streaming Candidates


LAL: Nick Young for three's.
PHI: For the Sixers, Jerami Grant continues to fill up the stat-sheet in around 30 minutes per-game despite the return of Covington, and Isaiah Canaan has 2.4 three's per game on the season.
PHX: As previously stated, T.J. Warren.


DEN: Lauvergne (9%) finally saw some court action after missing 13 games, albeit only 8 minutes. The Nuggets will likely ramp up his minutes slowly, so you might see his name on here next week for his rebounds.
IND: Pending Jordan Hill's status (currently DTD), Lavoy Allen and Ian Mahinmi will absorb more minutes, though Mahinmi is probably the better choice with 1.4 blocks on the season.
TOR: Luis Scola is likely owned by now in your league, but Biyombo is filling in nicely for Valanciunas, playing over 30 minutes in his last 3 games. Just to note, he saw 0 points on 0/1 shooting against Washington while grabbing 16 rebounds in 35 minutes - scoring is definitely a limitation. He also got 4 blocks that game, so he's not the whole package but he is going to be getting solid rotation minutes for at least another 5 weeks while JV is in rehab. Patrick Patterson has also seen a solid 10+ more minutes per game, is hauling down a few more rebounds, and is hitting his three-point shot again with his expanded role.


HOU: Clint Capela!
MIL: Henson still manages to get 1.1 block on the season, Vasquez is at 4.4 assists per contest, and Mayo has 1.4 threes. It is to be noted that Kidd has just gone with who's hot in many recent 4th quarters, so it can be a tough guessing game. Bayless (30%) should be owned by now.
NY: Galloway continues to do more of the same this year, he can help you out with threes and a steal without hurting your FG%.


GSW: Festus Ezeli is showing us that he is developing, and he has earned a spot in the rotation. Averaging just a tad under 20 minutes per game, his 6.4 rebounds, 8.1 points and 1.6 blocks are very solid for he wire, and he is consistent, too. Also, there is always the chance of a late scratch for Bogut which gives Ezeli enough minutes for a chance at a double-double.
SAC: Omri Casspi has been given nothing but praise from George Karl, who recently said he will be trying to carve out more usage for him. The numbers are there when Cousins or Gay is down, but hit new share of minutes has really let him get comfortable. He pulls down rebounds and hits threes, both of which are trending upwards recently.

Happy waiver hunting, folks, and never underestimate the power of a back-to-back.

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