Standard League Streaming: 23rd Nov - 29th Nov

Welcome to another edition of standard league streaming.

Schedule Watch

4 Games 3 Games 2 Games

Week 5 Back-to-Back's

Mon/Tue: None
Wed/Thu: None
Thu/Fri: None
Sat/Sun: BKN, LAL, TOR

Streaming Candidates

Evan Turner 20%

Marcus Smart is expected to be down 2 weeks. Obviously Isaiah Thomas owners are rejoicing, but perhaps Evan Turner may be a surprise beneficiary here. He pays with point-guard skills at small-forward size. He can chip in across the board and rack up assists, but he is generally a very inefficient player. If you can handle turnovers and poor percentages for a streamer that can pull down a triple-double on occasion, then Turner's your boy.

On the season so far, he has averages of 4.3 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 1.0 steals and 8.8 points.

He saw a season-high 7 assists Friday when Smart when down, but Sunday he only saw 3. Factor in 7 rebounds and we can assume he will have sporadic popcorn numbers across the board, any way he can.

Besides inefficiency, he is also not a three-point shooter, but the counting stats are there.

Matthew Dellavedova 9%

Mo Williams is feeling lingering soreness, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the veteran sit for 2-3 of Cleveland's 4 games this week.

He had a career-high 13 assists on Thursday to help bump his season average up to 5.7 assists per game. Add that to averages on 2.5 rebounds, 7.3 points, 0.8 threes and 0.8 steals- he does a little bit of everything for you at the guard position. If you need what the Delly's serving, pick him up now while he's got the minutes, just make sure you're watching an injury report.

Cleveland plays Monday and Wednesday while Mo is already doubtful to play Monday. They also have a back-to-back on Friday and Saturday where Mo would likely sit out one.

Dion Waiters 20%

In line with watching the injury report, Durant will likely be day-to-day for OKC's Monday and Wednesday games, and the ever-mercurial Dion Waiters has seen increased presence. He already had the minutes before the injury, but the difference now is that he is getting more shots. His FG% is awful, but streaming rarely offers upside in the %'s and TO's categories.

He has stuck close to his season averages of 3.8 rebounds, 1.0 three and 1.0 steal, but he has sporadically been going over his points average of 10.8.

The Thunder's last game this week is Friday, and it is likely Durant would return by then. You could stream an extra couple games with that spot after the turkey-day break with one of the Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun streamers.

Rondae-Hollis Jefferson 2.7%

We're going deep here, I know, but he already got picked up in my 12-team league on upside. His minutes are on the up and up and Bojangles (Bojan Bogdanovic) can safely be dropped if you were somehow persuaded to draft him. Bojan is an old, injury-prone workhorse, like a poor-man's Gordon Hayward, long past his limited prime and not worth playing the injury risk if you're Brooklyn.

Not to mention that other old workhorse Joe Johnson, and Hollis-Jefferson looks much better than his ownership percentage. Right now his greatest value is in his averages of 5.5 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game. However, in his 3 games over 30 minutes this year, 2 of which were his last 2 games, he has averages of 10.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 3.3 steals, 0.7 blocks and 9.7 points.

Nick Young 18%

Young is swaggin' it up right now with threes at 2.1 per game on the season and shows no sign of letting up. The Lakers only have three games this week, but you can pick up Swaggy for a Sat/Sun B2B for some late-week threes. Should Gay continue to sit, Belinelli will get more wing minutes, but Rudy is only day-to-day as it is now. He still isn't a bad option though with 1.9 threes on the season, and the Kings play Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

You could stream 3's nearly all week long with just these 2 players.

The Toronto Situation

Valanciunas is out 6 weeks. Biyombo is their backup center, but they will likely need some more scoring out of their stretch fours as well. On the other hand, Lowry, DeRozan and Carroll should be more than able to cover the lack of scoring, and the Raptors only play 3 games this week on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

A wait and see approach might be best here, but it’s still good to know what these players are about.

Luis Scola 13%

Scola put up more shots, grabbed more rebounds, and played more minutes than usual Sunday in JV's absence. He put up 20 points, 8 rebounds, and a three on 8/16 shooting for .500 FG% in volume.

While it is worthy of rostering, it may not be sustainable, and Scola is not a great fit against every team. He is a smart veteran, and his on-court value does not always show up as fantasy value.

Bismack Biyombo 8%

Biyombo saw near double minutes Sunday in JV's absence. He pulled down a season-high 14 rebounds, but still struggled on scoring with only 6 points. He did not record a block.

It's hard to say, but I don't think expecting 10 rebounds and a block out of him is unrealistic, he has done it before. He has limited value as he only hits those 2 categories, but it's decent value if that's what you need.

Patrick Patterson 23%

2Pat is the kind of guy you wished had more minutes and he can do little bit of everything. Unfortunately he has had lackluster performances this year and the new Raptor in town, Luis Scola, is putting up very similar and more consistent value recently.

In Sunday's game with Valanciunas out, he played a season-low 14 minutes with only 2 shot attempts.

Happy streaming, folks.

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