Standard League Streaming: 21st Mar - 27th Mar

Major rotation changes have occurred with the NBA and fantasy seasons coming to a close. For those of us still in the fight, this new value is most welcome.

Week 21 Schedule Watch

4 Games 3 Games

Week 21 Back-to-Back's

Mon/Tue: CHA, MEM
Tue/Wed: HOU, LAL, MIA
Thu/Fri: None
Sat/Sun: IND, PHI

Week 21 Games Per Day

Monday: 9 games
Tuesday: 4 games
Wednesday: 12 games
Thursday: 5 games
Friday: 9 games
Saturday: 10 games
Sunday: 5 games

Major rotation changes have occurred with the NBA and fantasy seasons coming to a close. For those of us still in the fight, this new value is most welcome, but even if you're out of the picture these can still be glimpses of what's to come for young guys getting the chance the shine. So whether you just made the playoffs or are advancing another round, let’s scour the wire and separate the scrubs from the streamers.

Michael Beasley 30% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Sunday

The former second overall pick is finally making some noise after switching his Miami red jersey for Houston red. He blew up for 30 points against Atlanta on 67% shooting, with 9 rebounds. He doesn't do much else, but that field goal percentage, while it lasts, is a heaven-sent for category players. He's also only missed 2 out of 19 free throws so far as a Rocket. His ownership percentage has been skyrocketing in the past week, and it would be very surprising to see another player come along with his kind of stats in the remainder of the fantasy season. The only drawback is his game on a very full Wednesday, and that Houston only plays 3 games next week, but don't take too long to decide as he is red hot and on everyone's radar at this point.

Josh Richardson 26% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday

His shooting percentage has been stellar, his minutes continue to trend upward, and his steals and blocks average are hovering around 1.0 each in the last 2 weeks. He has shot 66% in his last 5 games, hitting a total of 15 threes, and tends to score in the high teens. While Miami only has 3 games this week, they have a B2B on Tuesday and Wednesday should you have the room. They also have 4 games next week including a game on Monday.

Channing Frye 9% ownership

Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday

Frye is the definition of a streaky player, and offers little fantasy production besides threes, but on a hot week he can win you the category. He hit 9 threes last week, and in the 2 games before that he hit 5 in each. Also worth noting is that he's averaged a shooting percentage above .500 in the past two weeks, and seen about 20 minutes per contest. He's also turned in 2 duds in the losses to Utah and Miami, but he still hit one three in limited minutes.

Isaiah Canaan 21% ownership

Monday Wednesday Saturday Sunday

His minutes have gone back up from the long list of injuries in Philly, and Canaan is up to his usual tricks. Another three-point specialist, he's hit 14 threes in his last 5 games, but just know his FG% is very poor on a game to game basis. What's most alluring is the Sixer's have a B2B on Saturday and Sunday, and if you can handle the poor shooting percentages then he can be a serious contributor for threes. He also has just over 1 steal per game in March, mostly thanks to the extended minutes.

Darrel Arthur 9% ownership

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday

Denver would be wise to play it safe with Faried, who continues to show up on the injury report between questionable and probable with lingering back issues. Arthur had a very solid all-around game starting against Charlotte on Saturday with 13 points, 2 threes, 2 steals, 2 blocks and 8 rebounds in 35 minutes. He has also been a very efficient shooter, hovering around .500 most games, and seems to be a coach favorite. The only foreseeable danger is Arthur losing minutes to all the younger talent, but those guys have proven to be somewhat fragile, and they don't space the floor like he does. Denver plays 4 games in both of the next 2 weeks, including a Sunday/Monday B2B.

DJ Augustin 23% ownership

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday

Augustin is really letting his presence be known on the Nuggets. He's seen at least 20 minutes per game in all of March, only missed double-digits once and hit at least 1 three in every single game. He's also become reliable for a steal per game average, but still gets popcorn assist numbers. He's locked into the rotation and given the general lack of assists off the wire he's liable to be held onto in standards the rest of the way.

Toney Douglas 14% ownership

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

He's going to hurt your FG%, but the steals, threes and assists are good enough for a low-end guard, and he offers popcorn rebounds as well. The Pelicans are going to be a wreck without Anthony Davis. Most of their players wouldn't be in rotation on a playoff team and the only mainstream names they have left are Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson. Basketball goes on, and someone's got to put up numbers for the rest of the season, why not Douglas?

Jerami Grant 25% ownership

Monday Wednesday Saturday Sunday

Despite the injuries, Grant's numbers haven't changed all that much. He's still racking up blocks and can fill both Forward positions, but thus far has handled the heavier offensive load inefficiently going 9/32 in his last 3 games, that's 28%, since returning from concussion protocol.

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