Standard League Streaming: 1st Feb - 7th Feb

Just when we finally got comfortable with having a normal week, we approach the All-Star Break.

Week 15 Schedule Watch

4 Games 3 Games 2 Games

Week 15 Back-to-Back's

Mon/Tue: MIL, TOR
Tue/Wed: BOS, MIA, MIN
Wed/Thu: DET, NOP
Thu/Fri: NYK
Sat/Sun: None

Week 15 Games Per Day

Monday: 9 games
Tuesday: 5 games
Wednesday: 11 games
Thursday: 4 games
Friday: 10 games
Saturday: 10 games
Sunday: 4 games

Just when we finally got comfortable with having a normal week, we approach the All-Star Break. The schedule is, for the most part, very light through Thursday. Friday and Saturday hold the most value for B2B's, but the schedule is so busy those days anyway you might not even have an extra spot. Combine that with only 4 games Sunday, and you definitely want to get streaming early this week.

You should know your team, as well as your opponent's team well enough by now to have a pretty good idea of what categories are going to be close enough to where streaming can help you.

Next week, in a schedule where the Pelicans play the most with 3 games, Thursday the 11th will be the last day of games before the break until the following Thursday the 18th. If you aren't using up your acquisitions, now would be a great time to stash someone amongst the trade rumors. Dennis Schroder is only 29% owned on Yahoo and 34% in ESPN.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 25% ownership

Monday Friday Saturday

He was supposed to miss most, if not all, of the season, so the Hornets are really digging deep here, even if he is fully healthy. If he can return to form he was a pleasant surprise last year even when they had a largely healthy team. While mostly a points and rebounds guy, he is an athletic defender capable of getting an off steal or block any game, and he has shot consistently over 45% for his entire career.

Norris Cole 20% ownership

Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday

He has scored in double-figures in 8 of his last 10 games while Tyreke has dealt with his usual lingering injuries this time of year. Cole's rebounds and assists have turned into solid popcorn production, and the Pelicans should really play it safe with Tyreke, including the possibility of missing a length of time or even complete shutdown eventually. His FG% has continued to be toxic, but if you can take on the inefficiencies, he has been putting up some nice lines these last few weeks.

Shabazz Muhammed 11% ownership

Monday Tuesday Friday

He really only scores, so there is limited value here, but he does it consistently and at 47% so far on the season. There is also upside to be had here should Minnesota move Kevin Martin, but that trade deadline is still two weeks away.

Jared Dudley 9% ownership

Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday

Otto Porter continues to deal with lingering issues, and Nene is a lingering issue for any team that takes on his contract. Dudley has consistently been around 1.5 threes per game all season, a solid 1.0 steal, and almost 4 rebounds per game. He hovers under 10 points per game, but a solid 48.6% shooting on the season separates him from the pack when, by and large, streamers don't tend to shoot all that well, or are very streaky.

Patrick Beverley 13% ownership ESPN, 42% ownership Yahoo

Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday

His FG% has risen back to a more comfortable 45% on the month, but he still has games where he can really hurt you there. Other than that, he is his usual self, bringing the threes and steals, while chipping in for points and rebounds. Not sure why the ownership percentage discrepancy here, but if you're on ESPN he is worth a look for streaming.

Steven Adams 10% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Sunday

He returned from injury sooner than expected and putting up his usual efficient big-man stats. He plays a limited, though consistent role off the bench as the defensive big.

The usuals

These guys should be well known to any streamer by now this year. They are not quite worth owning, but can be very useful for either consistency or upside.

Gary Harris

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday

Fairly consistent season averages of 1.4 threes and 1.2 steals and 11.3 points on 46% shooting. Denver and Portland combined play one game per day this week, and Harris and Crabbe's stats are becoming largely indistinguishable.

Allen Crabbe

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Generally good for a steal, a three and 10 points, and shoots just under 47% on the season. If you need threes and steals without hurting your efficiency categories, I would use at least a few acquisitions on these two guys.

Indiana Pacers

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Mahinmi missed Saturday with lingering back soreness, Jordan Hill (17% ownership) is more than capable of filling in when one of them sits out. Myles Turner (58% ownership) is the emerging star here, but as long as one of them remains injured on a game to game basis, they can all put up value with the minutes.

Good luck streaming, everyone, and see you back next week!

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