Standard League Streaming: 18th Jan - 24th Jan

Notice there is only 3 games Sunday, and no B2B's for weekend streaming.

Week 13 Schedule Watch

4 Games 3 Games 2 Games

Week 13 Back-to-Back's

Mon/Tue: NOR
Tue/Wed: MIA, MIN, OKC
Thu/Fri: LAC, SAS
Sat/Sun: None

Week 13 Games Per Day

Monday: 10 games
Tuesday: 4 games
Wednesday: 11 games
Thursday: 5 games
Friday: 9 games
Saturday: 10 games
Sunday: 3 games

Notice there is only 3 games Sunday, and no B2B's for weekend streaming. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday have a very light schedule, and teams and streamers that happen to play on the lighter scheduled days that week offer some strategic advantage – these are sometimes referred to as Quality Games. Don't wait until the weekend to catch up here, and make sure you know what empty spots you have on those busy days when streaming.

Steven Adams 16% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Sunday

Adams has been quietly productive most of the season, actually. If he got more minutes he might be worth owning, and he is certainly becoming an alluring big-man option for streamers. Though underwhelming, he is incredibly efficient and very reliable on his season averages of 6.3 rebounds, 7.0 points and 1.2 blocks, shooting well over 50% on 8.0 attempts.

If you need a mustache on your roster, he's got the best on waivers and OKC plays Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Allen Crabbe 18% ownership

Monday Wednesday Saturday

He finally had a dud in his last game, but I think we can all forgive him. His consistency is whats most surprising for a younger guy, and players that give you 10+ points with a three on 45% + shooting aren't always easy to find on the wire. Add 0.8 steals to boot.

Portland has 3 games on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Gary Harris 10% ownership

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Gary is a very similar alternative to Crabbe. His shooting is down this month, but otherwise his stats look like Crabbe's with a slightly more solid 1.0 steals per game on the season. He shot better with Mudiay on the court so hopefully he goes back up to around 44% + from the field.

Denver has 3 games on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Donald Sloan 11% ownership

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday

Donald has usurped Shane Larkin's starting opportunity, and with good reason. Just don't expect much from Sloan either. He really doesn't do much but provide assists, though his 3-point shot is there some nights. He is fairly efficient though and doesn't have the volume to really hurt (or help) your other categories. Since seeing 18+ minutes in his last 8 games, he has averaged 6.4 assist per game, and he has at least 23 minutes in the Nets past 5 games.

Brooklyn has 4 games this week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

John Henson 14% ownership

Tuesday Friday Saturday

Need blocks? The Bucks only play 3 games on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, but the B2B road trip against Houston and New Orleans could give Henson the chance for a slew of blocks. One thing is for sure: John Henson is this year's John Henson.

Injury Watch

Tyler Johnson 7% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday

Udrih deals with neck issues and Dragic could possibly be sitting out longer with a calf injury. Further, Wade continues to play through minor injury, so the opportunity should be there for the time being. To top that off Gerald Green left Sunday's game with knee tendinitis. He is mostly a scorer, averaging 0.8 threes per game on the season, but he tallied 4 assists in each of his 3 games with Dragic out.

Miami plays Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. One thing to monitor with Johnson is a shoulder injury that he has, so far, refused surgery on and will continue to play through.

Cole Aldrich 1% ownership

Monday Thursday Friday Sunday

Deandre Jordan is just dealing with an illness and played well over 300 straight games prior, but Aldrich can pull down an efficient double-double with a block or two when given the minutes. Expect DeAndre to be back sooner than later.

The Clippers play Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Trey Lyles 10% ownership

Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday

Favors has continued to miss time, and it appears the Jazz are playing it safe. Booker has cleared concussion protocol for Monday, but continues to be sporadic and underwhelming. Lyles has likely seen his best games in the week prior but keep an eye on the injury report if you need some modest scoring from a stretch-4

The Jazz play Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Jordan Hill 18% ownership and Myles Turner 7% ownership

Tuesday Friday Saturday

Mahinmi may only be a GTD injury, but the Pacers are likely to play it safe here. Myles Turner can get you the block, but Jordan Hill is a safer scoring option.

Indiana has 3 games this week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Nikola Jokic 15% ownership

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

As some have stated, Nurkic could turn into a beast as soon as this season. Others fear his constant injury problems, though maybe Denver is just playing it safe. Either way Jokic is there. His points and rebounds on the season are fairly consistent with his minutes, a moderate 8.5 points and 5.6 rebounds, but the recent popcorn assists are more interesting from his position, including 2 recent games with 9 and 5.

Denver has 3 games on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sunday Preview

A look at the light Sunday schedule for last-minute value.


Dion Waiters 12% ownership was slowly fading into obscurity this season, but in his past 3 games he has scored 56 points. He has a large skill-set, so his stat-sheet tends to differ from night to night, but the surge in points is always a good sign. He still gets at least 20 minutes a night usually, so he can pad some of your counting stats if you don't mind the possibility of hurting your FG%.

Shane Larkin 9% ownership has returned to his averages since going back to the second unit; just don't expect any surprises at this point. He's mostly good for assists, but he can get you a steal steal and the off-chance for a three.


Pay attention to who Dallas may rest – they have a fairly strong backup unit capable of producing, and they have a lot veteran players that you see resting this time of year. They play 4 games this week without any B2B's, but it still wouldn't be surprising to see some of their starters rest. Good candidates here are JJ Barea, Dwight Powell, Javale McGee and Raymond Felton.

Patrick Beverley 47% Yahoo, 15.3% ESPN is dealing with ankle issues going into the week, and likely unavailable if you use Yahoo, but he can light it up in your steals and three's category. He has improved his shooting as of late and been looking like that glue-guy he was at the end of the fantasy bench last year.


The Raptors have a pretty deep rotation to cover for Carroll's absence, and it's hard to target whether it’s going to be Terrence Ross, Patrick Patterson or James Johnson stepping up, and Casey is not afraid to change his rotation per matchup. For what it's worth, Terrence Ross 11% ownership has been trending up lately if you're feeling lucky. This is nothing that hasn't happened before and blown over, though.

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