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Welcome back, playoff prospects. It's a busy fantasy week, with every team except the Suns, Bulls, Lakers, and Rockets playing a 4-game schedule.

Welcome back, playoff prospects. It's a busy fantasy week, with every team except the Suns, Bulls, Lakers, and Rockets playing a 4-game schedule. Let's have a look at that waiver, shall we?

The Sixers have a good set of match-ups this week, playing Boston, Detroit, New York & the LA Lakers. Ish Smith and Thomas Robinson should output some real value off the wire.

Ish Smith (5% ownership) has been pleasantly producing a moderate amount of assists and points, despite playing behind Isiah Canaan. Smith averages 6.6 assists in his last five games, with 1.6 turnovers. He scored 23 against Chicago, but I wouldn't rely on him for many points.

Thomas Robinson (3% ownership) is good for rebounds with 10.1 per game in his last six games. Again, don't expect too much scoring, Philly simply has better options for that, and if you need blocks as well, keep reading for the return of Jusuf Nurkic.

If Philly doesn't pack enough punch for your league, Schroder, McCallum, and Tony Allen are guards still under 25% owned in Yahoo Fantasy leagues. Crowder and Nurkic will fill out the rest of this week's waiver roster.

Dennis Schroder (17% ownership) is certainly making his case for a must-own player in standard leagues, and with the way successful teams have been resting their starters, his potential value on a night-to-night basis is intriguing. For assists, look no further, but his overall stats aren't bad either. In his last seven games, Schroder is averaging 6.7 assists, 14.1 points, and 1.0 three-pointer, with 2.7 TO's in 25.4 minutes.

Ray McCallum (9% ownership) has been entrusted full point-guard privileges for the Kings with Collison out. He's played 25+ minutes in his 9 games this month. In that span, he's tallied 5.6 assists and 10.8 points with only 1.7 TO's. He has upside, but he's also not the most reliable option on an already inconsistent team, but at least the minutes are there.

Tony Allen (16% ownership) has been subtly improving his season averages lately, as the struggling Grizzlies are trying to simultaneously rest their guys and hold their playoff spot in the West. He's a steals specialist, but he chips in across the boards most nights, making him an excellent stat-padding option. In his six games this month he has averaged 2.8 steals 11.7 points on .627% shooting and 5.2 rebounds in 29 minutes. The 0.5 Blocks is always welcome from a guard, as well. Unfortunately, he has a .657 FT% on 1.9 attempts per game throughout the season.

Jae Crowder (14% ownership) has not fallen out of rotation in Boston despite the return of Bradley and Olynyk. He can boost your rebound and points categories with the occasional steal and three. In Boston's 9 games this month Crowder has averaged 10.1 points, 6.6 rebounds, 1.0 steal and 1.2 from long-range. He also shots .355% on 10.3 shot attempts so buyers beware.

For big-man stats, Jusuf Nurkic (22% ownership) has upside. However he is returning from a bad sprain on a bad Denver team. His future health is their ultimate concern, but he's going to see more than the 9 minutes in his first game back. He can be a double-double threat, and he can also explode for rebounds, blocks and some points, but he can also foul out in less than 20 minutes. In February, he averaged 9.1 boards, 9.4 points, 1.6 blocks, and 1.3 steals with 4 personal fouls.

Just because a team only plays 3 games this week doesn't mean they can't help you. Marcus Morris (16% ownership) is worth a look for points and rebounds; Tony Snell (14% ownership) can produce 3's and points, and Wayne Ellington (15% ownership) is usually good for 10 points. All these guys are worth a spot start if you're in dire straits.

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you're in the playoff picture, it's been a rough season. See ya next week, folks.

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