Standard League Streaming: 14th Dec - 20th Dec

Welcome to standard league streaming, where we identify streaming options for games between 14 Dec and 20 Dec.

Schedule Watch

4 Games 3 Games 2 Games

Week 8 Back-to-Back's

Mon/Tue: DEN, HOU
Tue/Wed: BOS, MIL, MIN
Wed/Thu: CHA, OKC
Thu/Fri: TOR
Sat/Sun: None

Week 8 Games Per Day

Monday: 10 games
Tuesday: 4 games
Wednesday: 12 games
Thursday: 3 games
Friday: 12 games
Saturday: 5 games
Sunday: 7 games

Streaming Candidates

Gary Harris 6% ownership

Harris has passed concussion protocol and already played his regular minute allotment in his return Friday. He shot much worse than usual, but there was bound to be some rust to shake off. He is a 1-three/1-steal a game type guy shooting 47.5% on the season on just over 8 attempts. He is borderline worth owning with that kind of shooting percentage, and as an emerging youngster he just might have some upside. There is a small risk that he might sit out in this B2B situation because of his recent concussion, but no news has been released on it yet. Denver plays Mon/Tue B2B and 4 games in total.

Jameer Nelson 3% ownership

Jameer could be in for more playing time pending the seriousness of Mudiay's injury. He tallied 6 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and 20 points on 58.3% shooting in 38 minutes. Otherwise he has been underwhelming and inefficient, but given Denver's B2B for Mon/Tue, he has a shot for another night like that.

Patrick Beverley 22.9% ownership

Needs to get his FG% up to be that “glue-guy” he was last year at the end of the bench, but he is worth streaming if you need threes, at 1.5 per game, and steals, at 1.3 per game, on the season. He can give you some popcorn rebounds, assists and points, too, so he might even be worth holding onto to see if he can stabilize his shooting. Houston plays Mon/Tue B2B and 4 games in total.

Evan Turner 23% ownership

He was underwhelming Saturday after the double-OT loss to the Warriors on Friday, but we can excuse him for that. Otherwise this streamer is worth a look while Marcus Smart is still out. He does look to have matured a bit since last season, but he is still an efficiency risk on a game-to-game basis. He is a popcorn stats kind of guy, and he doesn't hit threes, but you’re bound to get some combination of counting categories when you deploy him. Boston plays Tue/Wed B2B and 3 games in total.

Greivis Vasquez 2% ownership

Grevis still day-to-day, but should he be able to suit up they will need him because Bayless is out, and despite MCW's good showing against the Warriors, he is far from trusted by Coach Kidd. You really have to keep up on the news with Greivis though, because even if he does return one night, he could sit out the next, especially in a B2B situation. I really haven't heard much news on him, so it is an outlier, but the Bucks are hurting. They play the Tue/Wed B2B and 4 games in total. OJ Mayo is another option, but he is already 27% owned and his production is scattered as he is not a true PG by any means.

Dion Waiters 16% ownership

Waiters sees consistent minutes off the bench as the Thunder's sixth-man. He hovers around 10 points a night on 39.7% shooting on the season. Yikes. Combine that with 1.6 TO's and now if you're still interested he is at 1.0 threes and steals per game on the season with 3.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists, so there ya go. OKC has the Wed/Thu B2B and 3 games total.

Cory Joseph 13% ownership

Cory has been very consistent, albeit a bit underwhelming this season. He is a safe bet to chip in 2-3 rebounds and assists, and he averages 1.0 steal and 9.8 points on 50.3% shooting on the season. Not hurting any categories is nice to start the week, and a minor boost in those few categories can be sneaky value if you don't have anything else to do with a streaming spot. Toronto plays the only Thu/Fri B2B and 4 games total.

Ramon Sessions 2% ownership

Sessions was on a good run before the Beal injury and should continue – he's scored double-digits on 4 of his last 6 games. It's a bit of a messy situation, however, as Gary Neal (6%) and Garret Temple (1%) are all expected to get a minutes boost and will be vying for the spotlight. Otto Porter was the undisputed victor in Beal's first absence, but nothing is set in stone.

Matt Barnes 14% ownership

Barnes was entered into the starting lineup on Sunday and did not disappoint pulling down a double-double. He has also been on a bit of a three-point streak, hitting 5 in his last 2 games with the expanded role. He is worth taking a flier on as the Grizz look to mix things up with that same old lineup they've had for years. The coach has also said he will be going with smaller lineups for the near future, and Barnes is really the only guy to play a “small-ball PF” position on Memphis. They play 4 games with the Friday/Saturday B2B.

Raymond Felton 11% ownership

Felton is making a push to be taken seriously again, but Dallas is a crowded rotation. His triple-double [insert hamburger pun here] occurred while Deron Williams was out with illness, and J.J. Barea (2%), Devin Harris (2%) and Wesley Matthews all play minutes at the guard positions as well. Dallas plays 3 games without a B2B and Deron Williams illness is not serious.

Last week I wrote about Jordan Hill (19% ownership) and Ian Mahinmi (27% ownership), but it would appear Mahinmi is showing more promise, both with consistency and upside. Hill could turn things around though and has been dealing with a nagging back injury, so its not like he fell off the face of the earth or anything. Expect both of them to split minutes, on average, until Myles Turner returns. Indiana plays 4 games with the Friday/Saturday B2B.

Meanwhile Atlanta and Portland play 4 games without a B2B, making Thabo Sefolosha (21% ownership) a safe play and Allen Crabbe (12% ownership) a bit of a risk but a much better scorer.

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