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Key dates you need to know for the 2020-21 fantasy basketball season.

It's officially F5 season with Woj and Shams dropping trade bombs early. If this hasn't made you excited for the start of the fantasy basketball season, then we can't be friends.

I take that back; we can still be friends! And you should totally follow me on my new personal Twitter account @josephmamone (for those who don't know me, I'm the person who created Hashtag Basketball. I build all of the tools, make the projections, and dynasty rankings - sorry for the flex).

So what does this mean for fantasy basketball?

Things are a little hectic leading up to the start of the NBA season (December 22). The NBA rookie draft is taking place tomorrow, and NBA Free Agency doesn't officially open until November 20, with teams not able to sign players until November 22.

This means that I won't start releasing my projections until November 22 (I'd be doing you a disservice by releasing anything sooner since we saw yesterday how quickly the NBA landscape changes when player movement begins).

Here are the planned opening dates for the fantasy basketball tools, projections, leagues, and content heading into this NBA season.

Already open: Invites to the fantasy basketball leagues I'll be running this season

November 20: Dynasty rookie rankings

November 22: The first version of projections will go live (which will be updated daily based on further transactions), the new draft guide will go live, and our mock drafts will begin

December 1: Premium tools will officially open (with new functionality), and our fantasy basketball drafts will begin

December 6: The first Q&A on Slack for the season (available to Patreon subscribers)

December 20: The second Q&A on Slack for the season (available to Patreon subscribers)

How much do all of your awesome tools and content cost?

Nothing! The tools and content are free to use.

Surprisingly, people have asked for ways to help support the website, so this season I'm releasing something called HASHTAG+ (sorry, couldn't think of a better name for it).

HASHTAG+ gives you ad-free access to the entire website, early access to new tools (and dynasty rankings), an invite to a private Slack group (which I visit daily), and invites to the private leagues I run.

You can get access to HASHTAG+ by subscribing to my Patreon page, and you can read all about it via

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