February Rising & Falling Stocks

In this post, we will look at three players whose fantasy stock will rise in the next month and three whose fantasy stock will fall.

In this post, we will look at three players whose fantasy stock will rise in the next month and three whose fantasy stock will fall.

This is not simply an add/drop column, however.

Players in the Up category could be moving from waiver fodder to rosterable or they could be moving from fringe player to star. Players in the Down category could be moving from the fringe to droppable or simply from great to good.

In any case, let's start February's stock watch by taking a retrospective look at the players I highlighted in January in a post that you can see here on Reddit.


Jodie Meeks (Detroit Pistons, SG)

Predicted to go Up in January, ownership change +0.3%

Meeks hasn't gotten quite as hot as I would have hoped, but he's taken enough of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's shots to make him a decent source of points, threes, and steals in deeper leagues. Could the loss of Brandon Jennings mean even more shots for Meeks? Only time will tell.

Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz, C)

Predicted to go Up in January, ownership change +33.9%

If you managed to snatch up Gobert, you had a real monster there for a couple weeks. He had a stretch of nine straight games with at least three blocks in January. While he isn't receiving quite the same amount of minutes now, he's still a rare rebounds/blocks monster who won't destroy your FT%.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets, SF)

Predicted to go Up in January, ownership change +6.7%

While MKG's shot didn't look all so polished this month and he didn't show his ability to block shots, the month wasn't all bad as his minutes increased and he was a terrific rebounder for his position. He still could be a decent asset to have down the stretch especially if his career 1.1 blocks per 36 minutes hold true.

Jared Sullinger Boston Celtics, PF)

Predicted to go Down in January, ownership change +0.9%

The Celtics moved Brandan Wright and have made Sullinger the clear leader in what was once a crowded frontcourt. Working with a clearer picture now, I'm changing direction on Sulinger and saying he should provide fine production for the rest of the year.

Tony Wroten (Philadelphia 76ers, PG)

Predicted to go Down in January, ownership change -43.8%

Wroten has a torn ACL and will probably not play again this season. Wroten's many weaknesses made him useful to teams only in very specific circumstances. While he did put up a couple nice games before the injury, I think most owners should have been happy to get him off their roster.

Reggie Jackson (Oklahoma City Thunder, PG)

Predicted to go Down in January, ownership change -17.0%

While the volume of minutes and shots Jackson received took a big hit, he did become more efficient in January in terms of shooting percentage and turnovers. Regardless, he should only be owned in the deepest of leagues barring a long-term injury to Durant or Westbrook.

February Stock Predictions

Trending Up

Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic, PF)

The rookie from Arizona has started the last couple of games for the Magic and has received 21 minutes in those two starts. It doesn't seem like much, but he is returning from a long injury and moving him into the starting lineup over Tobias Harris seems like a commitment to playing him more. They will likely not shy away from playing him as they fade into obscurity down the stretch and his per-36 numbers from earlier in the year suggest that he could be a valuable player with enough minutes.

He is currently owned in 2.2 % of ESPN leagues.

Jason Smith (New York Knicks, PF/C)

The Knicks have been the source of much speculation as fantasy players wonder who will take the shots especially if Carmelo Anthony continues to miss the occasional game. Their frontcourt has been shallow all year and with the release of Sam Dalembert, Jason Smith is one of only a few on the roster capable of playing the 5. He has received 34 minutes per game over his last 4 and, while he has yet to string together a few really good games, his per-minute numbers and percentages suggest he could be a player to watch in deeper leagues.

He is currently owned in 1.7% of ESPN leagues.

Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota Timberwolves, SG/SF)

I don't expect Wiggins to be on the wire in any league, but his stock has a great chance to rise in February from fringe/role player to star or centerpiece. In January, Wiggins logged huge minutes, increased his usage percentage, and put up nearly 20 points per game all while improving his shooting efficiency. This could be the month that Wiggins starts making the case to be an early-round pick next year if he continues to receive more shots and log heavy minutes.

Wiggins is currently owned in 82.3% of ESPN leagues.

Trending Down

Tobias Harris (Orlando Magic, SF)

With Aaron Gordon taking on a bigger role in Orlando, some people have to step down. So far, it appears that both Channing Frye and Tobias Harris will lose a handful of minutes to the rookie. Harris has been a good player so far, so he's earned some leniency, but he's received just 26 minutes per game in the 4 games since he returned from his ankle injury and his value may have taken a serious hit for the rest of the year.

He is currently owned in 82.4% of ESPN leagues.

Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves, C)

Dieng has been a crucial add for many owners this year and, while the Wolves are now experimenting with playing Dieng and Nikolca Pekovic on the court together, you have to think that Dieng's style, if not his minutes, will be effected. His minutes haven't been effected yet, but as Pekovic starts to get back up to full speed and as the Wolves start to open up their rotation as the competitive part of their season comes to a close, we might see Dieng lose some minutes.

He's currently owned in 61.2% of ESPN Leagues.

Tyson Chandler (Dallas Mavericks, C)

The Mavericks are very shallow at the center position for the time being and, as a result, Chandler has played heavy minutes averaging 35 per game over his last 10 . It's unlikely that Dallas will want to keep that up for the rest of the year and it appears imminent that they will sign veteran Jermaine O'Neal to help them out at that position. Chandler will still start and get plenty of run, but it will be O'Neal's job, assuming he is signed, to make sure Chandler is well-rested and I'm assuming he loses minutes because of that. Again, he should be held in mid-to-deep leagues, but might become a fringe player in shallow leagues.

He is owned in 85.2% of ESPN leagues.

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