Fantasy Basketball Week 25 Schedule Primer

Fantasy Basketball teams in head-to-head leagues are likely entering their championship game as the regular season winds down. Today, we look at who to pick up to bring home your title.

Hello and welcome to the Hashtag Basketball weekly schedule primer.  The weekly part is a bit of a lie this time around.  The regular season concludes on Wednesday, April 11, so this lock period is likely for the final ten days which is only nine days of games as every team is off on Monday, April 2 because of the NCAA Championship game.

Please do not forget to check out the fantastic Advanced Schedule Grid on Hashtag Basketball. Without further ado, let us jump right into it.

Weekly lock leagues

Tips for the week: The final matchup in your head-to-head league is likely to get a little bit wild.  Veterans players will rest, and unexpected performances will be happening all over the NBA landscape.  Five teams (Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and Toronto Raptors) play six games over the final period.   There also five teams (Charlotte Hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder, Phoenix Suns, and Sacramento Kings) that play four games with every other team playing five games.

Top 10 potential pickups playing six games: (All ownership percentages based on ESPN leagues and under 40 percent owned was the cut-off for available on the waiver wire)

  1. Marcus Morris- Boston Celtics (27.6%)- Morris is being asked to score more with the Celtics plethora of injuries. Expect him to average close to 20 points per game with five rebounds.
  2. D.J. Augustin- Orlando Magic (21.9%)- Augustin continues to be the starting point guard and figures to produce well in points, steals, and assists.
  3. Jonathan Isaac- Orlando Magic (1.7%)- Isaac is a fantastic producer in steals and blocks. If he can stay healthy, he can single-handedly swing both those categories in your favor.
  4. Josh Hart- Los Angeles Lakers (5.0%)- Hart returned from injury on Friday and played 35 minutes. Expect him to play significant minutes and be a solid add in points, rebounds, and steals.
  5. Greg Monroe- Boston Celtics (31.9%)- Monroe is playing limited minutes, but he is still useful in rebounds and steals.
  6. Marco Belinelli- Philadelphia 76ers (6.0%)- Belinelli is a streamer for threes who should average nearly a dozen points and a steal per game.
  7. Fred VanVleet- Toronto Raptors (11.7%)- VanVleet should be a reliable source of assists, steals, and points for the final six games.
  8. Jakob Poeltl- Toronto Raptors (4.0%)- Blocks streamer.
  9. Markelle Fultz- Philadelphia 76ers (30.1%)- It is a risk starting a young kid who is only playing limited minutes, but Fultz could pay dividends in assists and steals. He will hurt your percentages, though.
  10. C.J. Miles- Toronto Raptors (2.7%)- 3-pointers made streamer.

Daily roster changes

First, a word on the schedule itself: The slates get on three days during this scoring period.  Tuesday, April 3 has 13 games, Friday, April 6 has ten games and Wednesday, April 11 has 12 contests.  I will eliminate all three of those days as we search out back-to-backs.

Reminder: There are no games on Monday meaning the back-to-backs will start with Wednesday, April 4.



No teams scheduled.

Thursday-Saturday pseudo

Brooklyn Nets

Caris LeVert (27.2%)- LeVert should be owned in all leagues for the remainder of the season because he is producing a fantastic across the board stat line.

Jarrett Allen (17.6%)- Allen is a rebounds and blocks streamer.

Allen Crabbe (11.3%)- Crabbe is a 3-pointers made addition who can help in points.

Joe Harris (6.6%)- Harris another threes addition.

Denver Nuggets

Wilson Chandler (31.5%)- Chandler has been most productive in steals and rebounds in recent games.

Mason Plumlee (4.1%)- Blocks streamer.

Houston Rockets

Gerald Green (6.9%)- 3-pointers made streamer who is a hit or miss in providing points.

P.J. Tucker (3.0%)- Steals and rebounds target who can help in threes.

LA Clippers

Danilo Gallinari (27.4%)- Galo figures to be a dependable source of points and threes while he’s healthy.

Montrezl Harrell (15.4%)- Safe double-digit points on good percentages, but more of a deeper league add where he is unlikely available.

Tyrone Wallace (1.0%)- Steals streamer who could average five rebounds and double-digit points per game.

Wesley Johnson (0.3%)- Add him for nearly a steal and block per game.

Milwaukee Bucks

John Henson (27.5%)- Rebounds (6.9 per game) and blocks (1.4) target.

Portland Trail Blazers

Al-Farouq Aminu (39.4%)- Produces well in threes, steals, blocks, and rebounds.

Evan Turner (3.4%)- The Harkless injury opens up plenty of minutes for Turner, but the production has been hit and miss in Portland.

Golden State Warriors

Kevon Looney (7.5%)- Looney continue to be stream worthy for steals and blocks.

Jordan Bell (2.3%)- Blocks streamer.

David West (0.7%)- Deeper league add for blocks.


Golden State Warriors

Listed under Thursday-Saturday pseudo


Detroit Pistons

Reggie Bullock (20.9%)- Bullock continues to score and make threes with about a steal per game.

Ish Smith (17.0%)- Risky assists streamer with Reggie Jackson back healthy.

Anthony Tolliver (10.1%)- 3-pointers made streamer who is hot right now.

Luke Kennard (2.3%)- This rookie can ball, but the minutes are inconsistent making him a problematic add. 

Stanley Johnson (2.3%) Averaging 1.3 steals per game on the season and it has not slowed down at all.

Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies are manipulating their rotations significantly night-to-night, so any add comes with some risk.

JaMychal Green (36.6%)- Rebounds streamer.

Dillon Brooks (9.1%)- Steals add who should score in double figures.

Jarrell Martin (3.4%)- When Martin plays minutes, he is a reliable source of rebounds and blocks, but he may play only sparingly.

Orlando Magic

D.J. Augustin (21.9%)- If you need assists, steals, and points, Augustin is a fantastic add who is guaranteed to play significant minutes.

Jonathon Simmons (14.1%)- Monitor his status because he is currently out with a wrist injury, but Simmons is averaging nearly 14 points per game on the season.

Mario Hezonja (9.1%)- Hezonja is not guaranteed minutes, but can produce well in rebounds, steals, and blocks when given playing time.

Bismack Biyombo (2.7%)- Strictly a blocks streamer with Nikola Vucevic healthy.

Jonathan Isaac (1.7%)- A superb late-season addition.  Should produce well in steals and blocks and go a long way in earning you the W in both categories.

Toronto Raptors

Fred VanVleet (11.7%)- VanVleet is a points, steals, and assists streamer.

Jakob Poeltl (4.0%)- Blocks streamer.

Delon Wright (3.1%)- Steals addition.

C.J. Miles (2.7%)- 3-pointers made streamer.


No teams scheduled.

Final thoughts

Best of luck as you hopefully complete your championship run.  It has been another fantastic season and thank you for reading.  Do not forget to check out the Watching the Boxes Podcast.  The season may be over, but we will continue to produce content to prepare you for next season.

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