Fantasy Basketball Streaming Suggestions: 13th Feb - 19th Feb

Fantasy basketball streaming suggestions for games between the 13th and 19th of February.

3 Games 2 Games 1 Games

Games Per Day

Monday- 11 games
Tuesday- 3 games
Wednesday- 14 games
Thursday- 2 games
Friday- None
Saturday- None
Sunday- None

Back-to-Back Schedule

Mon/Tue- None
Wed/Thu- BOS, IND
Thu/Fri- None
Fri/Sat- None
Sat/Sun- None

As you should know, Yahoo and ESPN matchups run through to the next week so you can expect another article then, but for now, we will just look at this half of the matchup for the sake of simplicity. Monday and Wednesday are practically impossible to stream while Tuesday and Thursday are where you need to find value. Chicago is the only team that plays both Tuesday and Thursday quality games - now, while no one really jumps out as being standard relevant, any extra games are going to help with such a strange schedule and several players are already questionable for the Bulls so if you can keep up with injury news you might be able to snag a difference-maker. Houston and New York only play one game on Wednesday so they are near irrelevant for streaming, as are the many teams that play just two games this week on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday features the Bulls, Lakers, Wolves, Kings, Raptors and Cavs while Thursday has the Celtics, Bulls, Pacers and Wizards playing.

Larry Nance Jr. 22% ownership

Nance's counting stats might not jump out at you but he has the potential to be a good glue guy at the end of your bench for some rebounds, points and steals on high efficiency. Hopefully, the Lakers start ramping up his minutes, but with fellow rising star Julius Randle on the team there just might not be enough minutes to go around. The Lakers play two games for the week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Terrence Ross 19% ownership

He's a risky add and could churn out a dud, but we're scouring deep with this week's unusual schedule. He has scored 12, 17, 3, 11 and 7 in his last five games respectively, with 10 threes in that span, and has averaged 42% shooting this year.

Lucas Nogueira 28% ownership

He's been putting up quiet defensive value all year long averaging 1.0 steals and 1.8 blocks. It also appears that Jared Sullinger is a non-factor at this point as Nogueira's minutes have only increased recently. His worst category is his 67% free throw shooting, but on only about 2 attempts per game so if you need those defensive stats you should be able to absorb that.

Chicago Bulls 

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler are questionable at best to play this week and you can also pay attention to the status of Zipser and Mirotic who did not practice Monday.
If Mirotic (59%) is available he is, as usual, a high-risk high-reward guy, and because of his scoring proficiency, he picks up minutes from injuries at all positions.
MCW's (20%) minutes and production varies just as wildly as Mirotic's, but has some nice lines lately nonetheless. Like Mirotic, he can also be very inefficient.
Jerian Grant (1%), Bobby Portis (4%) and Cristiano Felicio (1%) are all worth looks should the injuries pile up but they are generally not the most attractive options in standards.

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