Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Schedule Preview

The fantasy basketball season is heating as the calendar flips to 2020. Here is a look at this week's schedule to maximize games played in head-to-head leagues.

Fantasy basketball Week 11 is here, and with it we flip the calendar to 2020. The fantasy regular season is reaching its midway point too. Teams should be constantly evaluating their squads and searching for ways to improve.

Today, we will look at the Week 11 scheduled to help managers in head-to-head leagues maximize their games played. For more on the slate check out the Advanced Schedule Grid

Weekly lock leagues

Tips for the week: There are nine teams (Cavaliers, Pistons, Clippers, Heat, Timberwolves, Magic, Suns, Blazers, and Wizards) that play four games in Week 11. The Rockets, Pelicans, and 76ers each have just two contests. The remaining 19 teams play three games.

The goal is maximizing games played so it becomes difficult to start anyone playing two games not named James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Clint Capela, Jrue Holiday, Joel Embiid, or Ben Simmons. Instead, find an option playing four times.

Here is a look at the top ten streaming options that play four times and are owned in 50 percent or fewer of Yahoo Leagues.

  1. Markelle Fultz, Orlando Magic, PG/SG (39%): Fultz became the starter on Nov. 2. In the 26 games since he is averaging 11.8 points, 3.0 rebounds, 4.4 assists, and 1.2 steals in 26.8 minutes per game. Add him if he is out there in your league.
  2. Terrance Ross, Orlando Magic, SG/SF (48%): Ross had a slow start to the year. Since Nov. 10, he is averaging 14.5 points, 2.3 3-pointers made and 1.0 steal per game. He should be owned in over 50 percent of leagues.
  3. Duncan Robinson, Miami Heat, SG/SF/PF (44%): Robinson is producing 12.1 points and 3.3 3-pointers made per game on fantastic percentages. He should be owned in more than 50 percent of leagues.
  4. Isaiah Thomas, Washington Wizards, PG (39%): Thomas is averaging 13.9 points, 2.2 3-pointers made, and 4.8 assists per game this season. Add him for plenty of help in all three categories.
  5. Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers, PG (21%): Garland continues to improve as the season goes on. Over the last 18 games, he is averaging 12.9 points and 2.2 3-pointers made per game. It should only get better for the 19-year-old.
  6. Ivica Zubac, LA Clippers, C (23%): Zubac is averaging 6.6 rebounds and 0.9 blocks per game on the season. The big man could be in for a bit more playing time as Montrezl Harrell is dealing with an illness
  7. D.J. Augustin, Orlando Magic, PG (27%): Add Augustin for the assists. He is still averaging 4.6 per game despite playing in a bench role over the last 26 games.
  8. Kelly Olynyk, Miami Heat, PF/C (32%): Olynyk is an across the board contributor that can do a little bit everywhere. Managers that could use help in percentages plus rebounds and 3-pointers should add him.
  9. Langston Galloway, Detroit Pistons, PG/SG (8%): Galloway is averaging 11.2 points and 2.2 3-pointers made per game on the season. He should get a few more shot attempts with Luke Kennard out as well.
  10. Kent Bazemore, Portland Trail Blazers, SG/SF (26%): Bazemore is a threes, steals, and blocks add.

Daily roster changes

First, a word on the schedule itself: The slate is spread out evenly this week which means lots of streaming opportunities. Saturday is the only day with double-digit games (11). Managers should have open space on their roster on every other day. Here is a look at the back-to-backs to help maximize the games off one pickup.



No teams scheduled.


No teams scheduled.


Minnesota Timberwolves

Gorgui Dieng (30%): Deeper league rebounds and blocks streamer.

Jarrett Culver (7%): Deeper league steals and blocks add.


Miami Heat

Duncan Robinson (44%): Points and threes target that produces sturdy percentages.

Kelly Olynyk (32%): Threes, rebounds, and steals add.

Derrick Jones Jr. (13%): Steals streamer.

Friday-Sunday pseudo

Phoenix Suns

Mikal Bridges (37%): Elite steals producer.

Aron Baynes (30%): Points, rebounds, and threes streamer.

Portland Trail Blazers

Kent Bazemore (26%): Threes, steals, and blocks add.

Miami Heat

Listed under Thursday-Friday.

Los Angeles Lakers

Danny Green (50%): Green is a threes, steals, and blocks target.

Dwight Howard (39%): Rebounds and blocks streamer.

JaVale McGee (38%): Rebounds and blocks add.

Rajon Rondo (23%): Assists and steals streamer.

New York Knicks

Elfrid Payton (32%): Assists, steals, and rebounds add.

Frank Ntilikina (3%): Steals target.

Looking ahead to Week 12

Hopefully, you have your matchup in the bag come Sunday. Then, you can use a pickup that helps in two different matchups. Here is a look at that. Unfortunately, no teams have a Sunday-Monday back-to-back, so here is a look at Sunday and Tuesday.

Sunday-Tuesday of Week 12

Cleveland Cavaliers

Darius Garland (21%): Points and 3-pointers made streamer.

Cedi Osman (21%): Steals and threes add.

Detroit Pistons

Langston Galloway (8%): Points and threes target.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Listed under Wednesday-Thursday.

Phoenix Suns

Listed under Friday-Sunday pseudo.

Portland Trail Blazers

Listed under Friday-Sunday pseudo.

Los Angeles Lakers

Listed under Friday-Sunday pseudo

Memphis Grizzlies

Dillon Brooks (38%): Points, 3-pointers made, and steals add.

Jae Crowder (30%): Rebounds, threes, and steals target.

New York Knicks

Listed under Friday-Sunday pseudo.

Final thoughts

That concludes our look at Week 11. Hopefully, you have a safe and happy new year. The fantasy season really heats up in 2020, so stay tuned.

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