Brooklyn Nets Fantasy Basketball Season Preview

We preview the Brooklyn Nets and the impact their players will have on the 2016-2017 fantasy basketball season.

Along with many other Boston fans, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Brooklyn Draft Picks Nets, and I’ll be doing it again this season. If their off-season has showed us one thing, it’s that Sean Marks seems to be competent at his job, and the franchise is in good hands. They won’t be winning many games this season, but with the addition of Jeremy Lin, at least they’ll be fun to watch.

From a fantasy basketball perspective, the most exciting part about a team cleaning out their roster of former veterans is the new opportunity it presents.

Player Movement

Notable Ins Notable Outs
Jeremy Lin Charlotte Hornets
Randy Foye Oklahoma City Thunder
Greivis Vasquez Milwaukee Bucks
Trevor Booker Utah Jazz
Luis Scola Toronto Raptors
Anthony Bennett Toronto Raptors
Caris LeVert NBA Draft
Thaddeus Young Indiana Pacers
Jarrett Jack Atlanta Hawks
Shane Larkin Europe
Wayne Ellington Miami Heat
Markel Brown Free Agent
Donald Sloan Free Agent
Thomas Robinson Free Agent

Brooklyn Nets Depth Chart

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
Jeremy Lin
Greivis Vasquez
Randy Foye
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
Caris LeVert
Bojan Bogdanovic
Joe Harris
Luis Scola
Trevor Booker
Anthony Bennett
Brook Lopez
Chris McCullough
Justin Hamilton

Rotation Player Projections

C Brook Lopez 28 33 20.8 7.6 2 0.8 1.7 0 51.1 78.7 2.4
PG Jeremy Lin 28 32 18 3.9 6 0.9 0.6 1.5 41.2 81.5 3.8
SF Bojan Bogdanovic 21 28 12.7 3.3 1.5 0.4 0.1 1.8 43.3 83.3 1.7
SG Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 15 28 8.5 7 2.2 1.7 0.8 0.1 45.7 71.2 1.3
PF Trevor Booker 14.6 26 7.4 7.2 1.4 0.9 0.6 0.3 49 67 1.3
SG Caris LeVert 18 20 9.7 3.8 1.9 0.7 0.2 1 43 77 1.6
PG Greivis Vasquez 22 16 5.4 1.6 4 0.3 0 0.8 32.6 84.6 1.7
PG Randy Foye 15 15 4.2 1.3 1.4 0.4 0.4 0.7 34.9 81.5 0.8
SF Sean Kilpatrick 25.2 15 8.9 1.4 0.7 0.3 0.1 1 46.2 89.8 0.8
PF Luis Scola 19.6 15 6.1 3.3 0.6 0.4 0.3 0.6 45 72.6 0.6
PF Chris McCullough 16.5 12 3.7 2.2 0.3 1 0.4 0.4 40.8 47.8 0.5

Position Battles

Starting Power Forward

Sometimes starting a player isn’t about who’s the most talented, but rather a better fit with the rest of the starting unit. To maximise Jeremy Lin’s skill-set, you need to surround him with shooters, and shooting isn’t something they’ll be getting from two of their starters, so it makes sense that they’ll want their starting power forward to be able to hit a three-point shot.

This is my reasoning for Luis Scola being their starter on opening night. In my opinion Trevor Booker will be playing more minutes, and as the season goes on Scola’s already small role will get smaller as Chris McCullough continues to earn more minutes.

Rise in Value

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

Rondae showed signs of breaking out as a defensive specialist last season before getting injured and only playing in 29 games, but all of the tools are still there for him to do it this season. If he can show signs of an offensive game he’ll be a nice pick, but he’s still a valuable option for the defensive numbers he’ll provide.

Jeremy Lin

This one is as obvious as Donald Trump’s comb-over, the Brooklyn Nets will be run by Jeremy Lin this season, and I’m pretty excited to see how he performs, being the primary point guard on a team with little to no expectations. Spoiler alert, I think he’ll do pretty well. Given the lack of scoring on the Nets roster I think he’ll have to force his shot at times, which will hurt his FG%, but he’ll give you nice numbers across the traditional point guard stats (PTS, AST, STL, 3PM and FT%). Just don’t draft him too early, thinking you’re going to get the Jeremy Lin that played for the New York Knicks.

Other Player Summaries

Brook Lopez Underrated

Brook continues to slide in drafts because of his injury history, even though he has played in 73 and 72 games over his past two seasons. He's now their only consistent post option and will no doubt be their leading scorer again, while putting up good shot blocking numbers for a player who has a reputation of being a bad defender.

Caris LeVert Waiver Wire

It's always a risk drafting an injured player, even more so when the player has injured the same foot three times before stepping onto an NBA court. The upside is there when he eventually strings some games together, and he'll be available on the waiver wire in most leagues, making him an good streaming candidate.

Bojan Bogdanovic Deep League

If the Olympics taught us anything, it's that Bojan isn't afraid to shoot. Which is great, because Brooklyn desperately need players who can put the ball in the hoop. He's going to benefit a lot from catching passed from Lin, behind the three-point line, which makes him a good deep league three-point specialist.

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