A deep league relevant look at the New York Knicks

Welcome to the post-Melo, post-Stoudemire New York Knicks. They boast such stars as Jason Smith and... not much else. We take a deep league look at the Knicks to see who will benefit the most from their recent roster changes.

Jason Smith (PF/C)

Owned in 16% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Jason worth adding?
This is the 3rd week in a row Jason Smith has appeared on this list. He's been a top 75 player in the past month and his usage is only going to get higher with no Melo and Amare. If he’s still available, go and get him.

Lance Thomas (SG/SF/PF)

Owned in 2% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Lance worth adding?
In the 3 most recent games Carmelo has missed Lance Thomas started at SF in 2 of them (he was inactive for the other) logging 41 and 35 minutes. Lance looks like the natural choice to replace Carmelo in the starting line-up unless they decide to go small.

Tim Hardaway Jr (SG)

Owned in 21% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Tim worth adding?
In the same 3 games Carmelo missed Tim put up a combined 37 shots and played between 29 and 35 minutes in each. Somebody has to put the ball in the hoop for New York and Tim is sure as hell going to try. Just make sure you know what you're getting with him (scoring, 3s and not much else).

Langston Galloway (PG/SG)

Owned in 24% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Langston worth adding?
Langston isn't really the guy you want shooting more (he has been shooting sub 30% from the field over the past 2 weeks and 37% over the past month), but the opportunity for counting stats to increase is there with Carmelo gone. Look at him only if he fits your team build.

Andrea Bargnani (PF/C)

Owned in 2% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Andrea worth adding?
With no Melo and Stoudemire there's 28 more shots to take per game. Let's get this straight, Bargnani isn't going to suddenly be putting up 18-20 points a game, but 12-15 on a horrible FG% could work for a few teams who are punting FG% and need some scoring and 3s.

Louis Amundson (PF)

Owned in 1% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Louis worth adding?
In need of rebounds? With Amare gone it frees up a few more minutes at PF for Louis. Being a very one dimensional player he's only worth looking at if you need rebounds.

Cleanthony Early (SF)

Owned in 1% of Yahoo leagues.

Why is Cleanthony worth adding?
Substitute one Anthony for another? Cleanthony is a long shot that could see playing time as the season progresses.

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