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You know that making the right moves is what helps win your league.

But you also know that asking for feedback on Twitter and public forums means your friends also get to see the answers.

Luckily, we’ve found a way to let you get your answers without your friends seeing.

Meet Hashtag Basketball HQ.

Hashtag Basketball HQ is a private fantasy basketball community only available for our Patreon subscribers. Hosted on Slack.

Hashtag Basketball HQ gives you access to the fantasy basketball experts behind Hashtag Basketball, allowing you to get feedback and reactions on potential moves, and weekly add/drop scheduling tips.

Whether you’re playing in a dynasty league or standard re-draft league, Hashtag Basketball HQ’s got you covered.

Private fantasy basketball forum on Slack

I want in! How do I join?

Join any tier available on our Patreon page. Each tier has added bonuses including early access to new tools, ad-free premium tools, and invites to our new fantasy basketball leagues.

Once you’ve subscribed (for as little as $2/mo) you’ll find an invite waiting for you on our Patreon page. Follow the invite and you’ll end up in our private Slack group.

What’s Slack?

Slack is a private communication platform where you can chat with people in real-time. You can use both the web version as well as the app version available on your phone.

What do I do once I’m in the group?

Say hi, introduce yourself, and ask any questions you have in the #general channel.

What’s the advantage of using the private Slack group over regular fantasy basketball forums?

Your questions are always private. In the off-chance that one of your friends is also in the Slack group, you can send private direct messages. You also get access to the experts behind Hashtag Basketball who have all been playing fantasy basketball for 10+ years.

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