Roy Hibbert: Did The Nuggets Mine Coal?

The NBA trade deadline came and passed with some significant changes to the league. The Nuggets, however, did not quite make the splash some fans were hoping for.

Throughout the month of February, there was, as there always is, a number of real and unrealistic trade offers flying around the league. Nugs fans received a false sense of hope as official writers proposed the scenario in which Denver made a “monster” offer for Indiana Pacer Paul George. The details of the offer have yet to be revealed but if what the rumors say are true, Denver came pretty damn close to pulling this trade off. It could be all be hearsay that Denver came close to getting one of the Eastern Conference’s best Small Forwards, but that hope is why we follow this league so closely.

Whether they “almost” got George or not, they didn’t. However, the Nuggets did end up pulling a trade off...for Roy Hibbert. The 7’2” Center has only averaged 5.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 16 minutes this year for the Charlotte Hornets. Although the stats might not be there for his height, having a 7’2” player on your roster is generally a smart move to make for any team. In return, The Nuggets only sent a heavily protected 2nd pick to the Milwaukee Bucks. Hibbert is currently under contract to a $5 million dollar contract that is set to expire at the end of the 2016-17 season. The move was almost definitely made as a salary dump on the part of Milwaukee. 

The trade wasn’t that “game-changing” and the roster still has some problems. Danilo Gallinari could still opt out of his player option at the end of the year, Wilson Chandler voiced his desire to be traded to a more consistent rotational schedule, and veterans like Kenneth Faried are losing trade value as time goes on. The Nuggets have been a tad injury prone the past few years and had very few players available due to injury this season. Adding Roy Hibbert to the team will add another body in case of injury, and on top of that, it’s a 7’2” player. The move might not be what Nuggets Nation was expecting to help propel them into a guaranteed spot in the playoffs; However, all things considered, it was still a smart move.

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