Why the Dallas Mavericks should sign Jamal Crawford

After losing out on Yogi Ferrell, Dallas needs a new backup shooting-guard and I think Jamal Crawford would fit that spot perfectly.

Most Mav fans were disappointed when Yogi Ferrell decided to go back on his contract and sign with the Sacramento Kings. He was a very productive part of this young team and he didn't really need replacing. Mavs fans believe Dallas will re-sign veteran Devin Harris who played 44 games for the Mavericks last season, to fill Ferrell’s place. While Devin Harris is a great player and is a popular player with us Mavs fans, I feel that Dallas needs a player who can come off the bench, create his own shot, and score points. This is where Jamal Crawford comes in.

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford is one of my favourite players of all-time. Maybe it is because of his amazing handles or his work off the court, but there is just something I love about Jamal. I think Jamal is the best player of all-time to have never gone to an All-Star game! In the early 2000s, he had battles with Allen Iverson in Madison Square Gardens, he averaged 20 points a night in 2007-2008 season and he has won the Sixth Man of the Year Award three times in his career, which is the most any player has won the award.

Last year while playing for Minnesota, Jamal averaged 10.3 points off the bench while shooting 41% from the field. He also had an unbelievable game against Dallas on the March 31 when he scored 24 points and hit the winning shot to beat Dallas 93-92. I think Jamal is perfect to fill that missing backup guard spot because he is a proven scorer capable of creating shots for both himself and his teammates. Although Jamal Crawford is 38 years old, he still isn't done breaking ankles in the NBA. In the playoffs last season, Jamal averaged 11.8 points and 2.4 assists while shooting 44% from the field.

If you think Jamal is slowing down, watch the clips below. They will give you an answer.

If the Mavs don't want to throw money at Rodney Hood then they should definitely sign Jamal Crawford.

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