The Cavaliers are destroying Toronto

The Cavaliers have won the first two games by a combined 33 points. It has been nowhere near that close. Who - or what - has been the difference compared to round one?

There's a lot to like about what the Cleveland Cavaliers have done through two games. The scores have only been partly reflective of the dominance, as the Cavs have been outscored by 11 and four in the fourth quarters when the benches have been emptied. There have been several reasons for the Cavaliers' burst of success, but let's take a look at three of the biggest. 

1) Kyrie Irving, point guard

Kyrie Irving's round one performance left something to be desired. That "something" was quality. He shot 22% on three-pointers, handed out just 12 assists in four games, and watched Deron Williams run the point in the giant comeback win of game three.

This series has already been different. Granted he's still not shooting well (37% overall), he's rediscovering his three-point shot. Irving was 3-6 in game two after going 3-8 in game one. The Cavaliers can certainly live with that kind of productivity beyond the arc. 

As nice as that shooting uptick is, that's not the exciting thing about Kyrie in this series. Through two games, Kyrie has recorded double-digit assists twice. That's enormous. He hasn't been shooting as well overall, so he's working the ball around and getting open shots for his teammates. In fairness, some of them are easy assists like this one.