No Silver Lining For Cleveland After Game 2 Loss

There's no silver linings that can be taken from Game Two of the NBA Finals.

Where, oh where has the Cavs offense gone? Where, oh where could it be?

Game Two has left Cavs fans about as deflated as Shumpert's hair was in the game.

The Cavs have been out hustled, out played, out coached, and out gunned by the Warriors, and it hasn't been close.

The Cavs offense has looked anemic at best, and deplorable at worst so far in the NBA Finals. LeBron James has been in more isolation possessions in the Finals it seems than he was at in the first few rounds of the Playoffs.

Their defense looks terrible, they are allowing players named Iguodala, Green, and Livingston to kill them while players like Curry and Thompson really have not left that large of a mark on the series as of yet. Curry got into early foul trouble in Game Two, drawing his fourth foul less than four minutes into the third quarter.

James has looked somewhat passive on offense in these first games of the Finals, and especially early on in Game Two. Irving and Love did not play well early on in the game, Love spent a couple minutes down on the court after taking an elbow to the back of the head from Harrison Barnes, it was not intentional, but Love wasn't a factor in the game.

The Cavs are being absolutely outplayed on both ends of the floor so far in the series. James has been taking bad pull up jumpers for no reason at times, Irving, at times, can't buy a jumper, and all of this boils down to the fact that they're not running the same type of offense that they did in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. That may be a by product of not playing against tough opponents, but they're not playing with pace once they get on offense, they're not running the same sets, and they're not scoring with the same regularity that they did in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

The Cavs on defense have been suffering from rotation collapse after rotation collapse, often with Cavs' losing their man on defense and leaving either someone wide open beneath the rim or leaving a marksmen wide open on the perimeter. This defensive intensity is not nearly as high as it was earlier in the Playoffs because the talent of Golden State is higher, yes, but if shots were falling, the defensive effort would be better.

Channing Frye was missing again in Game Two - Coach Tyronn Lue choosing to remove the sharpshooter from the lineup because the defensive breakdowns were just too costly. Smith isn't getting the same types of open shots that he's used to, and the floor just looks so much more crowded against the Warriors.

There's not much the Cavs can do though if Curry is going to hit threes from the 28 foot line. There's also not much the Cavs can do if they choose that they want to throw it to the other team. Turnovers have absolutely killed them in this game, LeBron James had nearly 10 turnovers, JR Smith and Kyrie Irving forgot how hands work on a few possessions when the ball was thrown to them, and down 27 early into the fourth, this team has officially thrown in the towel in Oakland.

During the game, it was announced that Kevin Love has been diagnosed with a concussion, and he has been placed into the NBA concussion protocol. in 21 minutes, he was 2-7 for five points and three rebounds.

Are there any positives that can be taken from the game? I'm not sure, I cannot find it in me to list a single positive. Delly has decided on a number of possessions that he is the best option to score, and those possessions resulted in absolutely zero points.

James Jones got into the game for the Cavs, so that tells you all that you need to know about the game.

This is how bad this game is for Cleveland. Livingston hit a Dream Shake and-1 on Iman Shumpert.

When you lose by more than 30 points in an NBA Finals Game, there's not much you can say.

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