How are the NBA going to explain not ejecting Draymond Green in game 4 of the NBA Finals?

Draymond Green was supposed to be ejected in the 3rd quarter of game 4, but first, let’s look back at why it should have happened.

If you had asked somebody to write a TV story plot about a game of basketball, you would have ended up with something that resembled the 3rd quarter of game 4.

It had everything - The Warriors scoring points in a hurry, Cleveland countering by scoring even more points, ejections, people being thrown out of the arena (it was only a fan, but don’t let that get in the way of my analogy), and refereeing drama.

Everybody reading this knows what I’m talking about - Draymond Green was supposed to be ejected, but first, let’s look back at why it should have happened.

Late in the first quarter, Draymond Green picks up a technical foul for this play. Whether he deserved it is debatable, but we’re not here to debate should-have-beens.

And here it is, written at the bottom of the quarter time box score.

Normally if an incorrect call is made it’s reviewed and changed. Here it is, still on the half-time box score.

The 3rd quarter hits a boiling point, with both teams playing the physical and verbal game when this happens - Draymond Green picks up his second technical foul, which should have resulted in an automatic ejection.

But the referees had another idea in mind.

Realizing that they had called a second technical on such an important player, in such an important game saw them change their minds. The first technical, which was on record as belonging to Draymond at quarter time, and at half time, now belonged to coach Steve Kerr. Does the reaction of Draymond, Klay, and Kerr tell you something?

It tells me that they all knew Draymond had just received his second technical foul.

Draymond stayed in the game, and while it didn't change the end result, it's not a great look for the sport we all love.

All eyes will be on the NBA as they will no doubt try and explain their way out of what was one of the most bizarre decisions in an NBA finals game.

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