My Dream Kyrie Irving Trade & Why I'm not Mad at Him

Kyrie Irving is probably gone. While everyone is trying to come up with trade scenarios, I'll dig into what I think would be best and explain why I'll be sad to see him go, but won't hold a grudge.

It's difficult to properly rate Kyrie Irving. Coming into the 2016-2017 season I predicted that he'd blow up and finish in the top six of the MVP race. I thought he'd average at least 25 points and tear teams apart offensively. I based it on plays like the one below and how he was completely unstoppable in the 2016 NBA Finals.


That's why I'm not mad at Kyrie Irving.

If a guy can go to three straight Finals and not be satisfied, so be it. He was instrumental in what is, by far, the number one most memorable sports experience of my life - I was at the watch party in Quicken Loans Arena for game seven and it legitimately felt like I was at the game. It was cooler than when I was given free tickets to game one of the 2017 World Series by a stranger in the second inning.

As for Kyrie; at some point in life, you want to know what you're capable of in an untethered, on-your-own situation. That's where he is. I'm OK with that.

Plus, I have multiple 2016 NBA Championship items, so I'm good.

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