Is Tristan Thompson as a Sixth Man a Good Idea?

With the influx of all kinds of players, Tristan Thompson has apparently been taken out of the starting lineup. Does that mean he will feast on 2nd units or will he miss out on opportunities with the starters?

What an offseason. Between Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, and Derrick Rose, the Cavaliers added 17 All-Star Appearances, 10 All-NBA appearances, an MVP, eight top-10 points per game finishes, a Finals MVP, and eight top-10 MVP finishes. They also got a guy in Jae Crowder who is going to reconfigure the Cavs' starting lineup because he's too good to keep on the bench. They got Jeff Green and Jose Calderon too, but it's hard to get excited for those guys right now.

With all this new blood - even if Wade's "new" blood is not terribly new anymore - coach Tyronn Lue has some difficult things to figure out. How is he going to juggle all these minutes for all these players? Will Kyle Korver - who played the 6th most minutes in last year's playoffs - crack the top 8? Will Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson become full-time TV guys halfway through the season? What happens when Isaiah Thomas comes back? Is Edy Tavares going to stick around just because his giant shoes are hilarious?

It's a lot to sort through, and there are plenty more questions than those above. Perhaps the most interesting of all, however, is that Tristan Thompson is going to come off the bench. But should he?

The Case for Tristan to Continue as Starter

1) Tristan Thompson is a known commodity for the Cavs

He is a rebounding machine, a very good roll man to the basket, and an above average rim-runner on fast breaks. Thompson ranked in the 79th percentile in the NBA last year as a roll man on pick and rolls, scoring over 1.16 points per possession.