Deron Williams to Cleveland: LeBron finally gets his Playmaker

The Cleveland Cavaliers have added veteran point guard Deron Williams to their stable of players with Williams informing the Cavaliers that he will sign with them for the Veterans minimum when he clears waivers Monday, via Brian Windhorst.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got LeBron James his coveted playmaker. 

Deron Williams, former All-Star point guard for the Jazz and the Nets has informed the Cavaliers that he will be joining the Cavaliers when he clears waivers Monday, in a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst. 

This is big for the Cavaliers as they have spent the majority of the season without a veteran point guard running their second unit. Williams, a streaky outside shooter, is a top 10 assist man in NBA history and will bring the playmaking that James coveted to the team. His veteran presence will be a huge boon for the team's second unit, and this will allow both Irving and James to get more time to rest without having to neglect the second unit.

Williams is 100% past his prime, but the Cavaliers do not need him to be 2009 Deron Williams, they need him to be a steadying force on the second unit, running the show, setting up teammates, adding floor spacing, and consist offensive flow. 

By signing for the veteran's minimum, Williams will have as little a financial impact as a new player can have, so this is a definite plus. 

Per 36 minutes, Williams is averaging 8.4 assists this year, along with 16 points, although he has been averaging less than 30 minutes a night in Dallas. His playmaking and court vision will be highly welcomed for the Cavaliers as it is the number one thing they needed on the team.

As a bonus nugget of information, do not be surprised if the Cavaliers clear an additional roster spot by cutting Jordan McRae or Derrick Williams in order to potentially sign Larry Sanders. The former Milwaukee Buck worked out for the Cavaliers last week, and members of the Cavaliers coaching staff coached Sanders in Milwaukee.

Sanders' Twitter account has had cryptic tweets on it as of the last week, so it will be interesting to see how this situation shakes out. It is known that Sanders would prefer to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers as he would like to play for a contender and help make the defensive end of the floor easier to handle. Sanders is still under 30 and would be added rim protection at a bargain price. Signing both Deron Williams and Larry Sanders would be a major boost for the Cavaliers bench and their overall depth.

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