Cleveland Cavaliers Season Recap: Five Positive Things

It was an up and down regular season, ending with a run-in vs. an all-time juggernaut. The Cavaliers made the Finals for the third straight year, so what are the five best takeaways?

Summer is upon us. The Cavs fell short in the NBA Finals and it took a tremendous effort to get their sole win in that series. Within an hour of the final whistle, speculation had already begun about whether the Cavaliers need to make a trade for someone like Paul George in order to compete next season.

Pump the brakes. Let's take a look back at the season that was and go over five positive things we learned. I need to stress this: this edition will be only positive things, so keep the Debbie Downer-ing to yourself (but only for a little while because next week there will be five negatives).

1. LeBron James

Try to imagine someone saying that LeBron James would lose in the Finals again and it might actually make his "best player ever" case stronger. Nonsense, right? Wrong.