Cleveland Cavaliers Opening Night Preview

A look at the Cleveland Cavaliers' expected starting lineup for opening night. There's a new face in there, but time will tell if it's a welcome change or not.

Basketball season is only a few weeks away. The three-time defending Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers are the odds-on favorite to make the Finals again, although this time around they're without superstar guard Kyrie Irving, who was traded in August. It has been an odd offseason for the Cavs, but it's time to start speculating about the upcoming season. Let's take a look at the opening night starting five with some detail about what we've seen and what we should expect.

The Starting Five

1. Point Guard - Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose wasn't supposed to be the starting PG for the Cavaliers this season. He wasn't even supposed to be the backup, as the Cavs signed Jose Calderon three weeks before grabbing the former MVP. But then Kyrie got traded, and Isaiah Thomas's hip announced itself as "still injured," and here we are. Did I mention it's been a weird offseason?