Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Draft Grade

Grading the Cavaliers 2016 draft. They had a hand in 6 different picks, only retaining one of them.

The Cavaliers didn't have any picks in the 2016 draft until late in the evening when they bought their way in. You may think this makes for a poor draft-grade, but let's take a closer look at the picks that Cleveland almost had and see what kinds of grades those picks/trades deserve.

First round, 24th pick: In 2010, the Cavs received a 2015 or 2016 1st round pick from Miami for LeBron James. This was LBJ leaving Cleveland. That part was bad. In 2014 the Cavs dealt that Miami pick to Philadelphia in a really big, complex trade that resulted in Kevin Love coming to the Cavs. That part was much better.

Grade: A+, because Kevin Love stifled Stephen Curry on the 2nd-to-last possession of game 7 of the NBA Finals, giving Cleveland the NBA title.

First round, 26th pick: On January 5th, 2015 the Cavs acquired a first round pick from Oklahoma City in exchange for Dion Waiters. Two days later they traded that pick and received Timofey Mozgov.

Grade: A+, because the Cavaliers just won the NBA title. And because of this video.

First round, 28th pick: This would have been Cleveland's own pick, based on their record. However, they traded it to Boston on July 10, 2014 to clear space for the return of LeBron James.

Grade: A+, because LeBron James just won Finals MVP and some guy named Skal Labissiere went 28th. I'd prefer LeBron James.

2nd round, pick 48: In June 2013, Cleveland traded the rights to Allen Crabbe to Portland for a pair of 2nd round picks. This was one of those picks. Cleveland then traded this pick (and a couple others) and Andrew Bynum to Chicago for Luol Deng.

Grade: A+, because the Cavaliers just won the NBA title.

2nd round, pick 54: Cleveland bought this pick from Atlanta during the draft and selected Kay Felder, from Oakland College. He was the only player in the NCAA who averaged over 20 points and 6 assists, and he averaged 24+ points and 9+ assists. He was kind of a monster, despite his 5'9 frame. He's athletic as hell, led the NCAA in assists this past season, and has a slowly improving jump shot. He's a down-the-road player, but his athleticism is enough to keep Cleveland optimistic about his future.

Grade: A+, because the Cavaliers just won the NBA title. And because this guy is kinda fun.

2nd round: pick 58: The Cavaliers traded this pick (and Dwight Powell, who I love) to Boston in exchange for a couple of top 55 protected picks and Keith Bogans. 

Grade: F. I love Dwight Powell and just realized that he could've been on the Cavs. Can you imagine Tristan Thompson subbing out of the game and a slightly thinner, more athletic version of Tristan Thompson subbing in? That would be incredible. 

Overall draft grade: A++++++++++


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