Andrew Bogut is expected to join the Cavaliers

Andrew Bogut is expected to join the Cavaliers once granted his buyout from the 76ers, sources are reporting Sunday afternoon.

Andrew Bogut is expected to join the defending World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers when he is bought out by the 76ers claim sources close to the situation. This buyout/potential free agent signing is coming on the heels of another former Dallas Maverick deciding to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers in Deron Williams.

If Bogut does in fact sign with the Cavaliers, it will be a massive upgrade to the depth of the team as a whole, and it will add another big man to the roster who will be able to clog the lane. One added benefit of Bogut is that, for a big man, he is a tremendous passer, and another is that he is a very efficient defender and very solid rim protector. 

One low-key aspect of this potential signing that could be very interesting come June (potentially) is that Bogut, a former Warrior, is familiar with the Warriors sets, the player's tendencies, and most importantly, Bogut has insider information on the Warriors that nobody else on the Cavaliers has. 

Is Bogut a turncoat? Hardly. After being traded to the Mavericks in order to make room for Kevin Durant to be able to sign in the Bay Area, all bets are off, and Bogut wants revenge.

Something that people should not forget is just how good Bogut was for the Warriors in the Finals last year. He got hurt during Game 5 last year in Oakland, and the whole complexity of the series changed in Game 5, 6, and eventually the house came crashing down in Game 7. 

Could this singing have the same impact that trading for Timofey Mozgov had for the Cavaliers in January of 2015? That trade catapulted the Cavaliers into the top five of NBA defensive ratings, and this signing has the potential to provide a similar spark, especially on the second unit.

It is unclear the type of roll that Bogut would have with the Cavaliers, but nevertheless, when a team like the Cavaliers can add players with the talent like Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut for nothing, there is no reason not to sign players of their ilk. 

Bogut would have to have requested his buyout by March 1 to be playoff eligible, and all signs point to this buyout taking place in the next day or two, and if reports are to be believed, there could be an Andrew Bogut sighting in the Quicken Loans Arena in the home whites before too long.

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