Chicago Bulls: Final Thoughts Ahead of the 2018 Draft

My final thoughts on the potential draft prospects for the Chicago Bulls ahead of Thursday night.

I have written a few articles over the past months regarding potential prospects for the Chicago Bulls. However, there have been some developments since I wrote those articles that could potentially change the prospect the Bulls end up taking with their 7th pick.

First of all, within at least the top 10 picks teams should draft based on best talent available regardless of team need and roster fit. Not to say addressing roster needs is not important, of course, it is but when it comes to the draft getting the best player is always priority one.

With that said, it seems that Mo Bamba, Trae Young, and Michael Porter Jr are the highest level prospects likely to be available around the 7th pick.

Mo Bamba seems to me to be the definitive #1 choice for the Bulls to select at the seventh pick if he should still be available. Not only do I believe he is the best player of the three guys mentioned, but he also fills the team’s need for a young center to add to this roster. Lopez is 30 and going into the final year of his deal and Felicio has not shown nearly enough to warrant a starting role. Bamba should be an excellent defender given his ridiculous length which on paper, would be a perfect fit next to Markkanen.

Given that Michael Porter Jr. was considered a top prospect going into this past season before his injury, I understand why some latch onto the idea he still might have the potential to be the best talent in this draft. Bulls Twitter seems to love him. I am less convinced, however. Porter only appeared in three games in college and is coming off back surgery, which is definitely concerning, especially given he canceled draft workouts and medical exams.

Obviously, I am not an NBA scout or draft expert but given these concerns, I would put Porter below Bamba on a draft board for the Bulls.

I would put Trae Young third on this list of prospects out of the three. I do not have a problem with the Bulls wanting to take a point guard if they are not fully confident in Kris Dunn being the point guard of the future. What I do have a problem with is the mindset that Trae Young will be the next Steph Curry and we can’t miss out on that. I hope Trae Young is good but there is no way he will ever be 80% of what Steph Curry is. And sure I would love to have a player that is even that much of Steph Curry but he could just as easily be the next Jimmer Fredette. Young may be able to get hot and start draining super deep three in a manner that’s reminiscent of Curry but Young is also a horrendous defender. While I mentioned earlier that drafting the best player available is priority number one, in the case of Trae Young, the Bulls need to seriously consider the potential fit of Young and Zach LaVine in the backcourt because those two are defensive liabilities that will never lead to post-season success.

Now, there is also the possibility the Bulls could move around in the draft via trade. I super disagree with anyone suggesting the Bulls trade down — I truly think there will be at least one guy of value worth taking at the 7th pick. However, I would be interested in the Bulls moving up a couple spots if they don't have to give up LaVine or Markkanen, who should be considered untradeable for the moment.

Even if the Bulls can just move up a couple of spots, they may have a chance at getting a great prospect.

While I really like the idea of having Mo Bamba, I would also love if the Bulls had a shot at getting Jaren Jackson Jr or Luka Doncic. At the very least, I don’t think it would be a terrible idea to move up a couple picks just to ensure they get Bamba.

No matter what happens, my sanity and overall mental health are extremely dependent on the events of the draft this Thursday.

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