Chicago Bulls 2018 NBA Draft Preview

A preview of the Bulls potential 2018 NBA draft prospects.

As it currently stands, the Bulls would likely end up with the 8th and 23rd picks in the 2018 draft. This coming draft seems to be top-five heavy, making it very unlikely the Bulls have a chance at landing one of the potential franchise-altering players in this draft. Luka Doncic and DeAndre Ayton seem to be the consensus top-two picks, followed by guys like Marvin Bagley III, Mo Bamba, and Michael Porter Jr. It’s still too early to say what order those guys will be taken in the draft but they seem certain to be gone with the first five picks. Then there are also guys like Jaren Jackson Jr and Trae Young that are sure to go in the top-10 with a chance of sneaking into the top-5.

Since it looks like the Bulls will be drafting too low to snag one of those guys (unless they get lucky like they did in 2008 with Derrick Rose and land a higher pick), we need to set our sights on the Bulls best options given their current draft odds.

Team Needs

Assuming the Bulls will plan to move on from Grant, Holiday, and Lopez during the offseason, this is how we should look at the roster going into the draft:


PG: Kris Dunn

SG: Zach LaVine

SF: ?

PF: Lauri Markkanen

C: ?


G/F Nwaba

F/C Portis

G/F Valentine

C Felicio

F Vonleh

The most pressing needs in the draft will be at small forward and center. The Bulls could also use a backup point guard other than Jerian Grant or Cameron Payne. 

The 8th pick

In the best case scenario, the Bulls’ own pick lands higher than eighth and they have the chance to take one of Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson, Mo Bamba, or Michael Porter Jr. If this happens, they might be able to get a wing player like Troy Brown later in the draft with the pick from the Pelicans. However, with those aforementioned guys likely to be gone by the 8th pick, the Bulls should look to fill the small forward position given the abundance of talent at the position in the 8-13 range. Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, or Kevin Knox are likely to be the best available options at that 8-pick.

Mikal and Miles are both 6-7 small forwards with 7-foot wingspans and they are both considered 3-and-D players.

While I am not an expert on college basketball, at least on paper Mikal seems to be the better pick by being a more efficient shooter and a better defender. It’s tough to evaluate college players but a quick overview of both guys suggests Mikal has a slight edge. Neither seems like they will be future All-Star locks but both seem like they could fill a much needed 3-and-D role on the Bulls.

In that same player mold, there is also the option of Kevin Knox, a 6-9 forward with a 7-0 wingspan. He is also viewed in the 3-and-D player mold.

There is no way all three would be off the board by whatever pick the Bulls end up with, so unless they get a higher pick, the Bulls need to take either Mikal, Miles or Knox. The 3-and-D player has become extremely valuable in today’s NBA and that type of player would work perfectly in a backcourt alongside Dunn and LaVine, given Dunn’s mediocre shooting and LaVine’s lacking defense.

In order of preference, I would go Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, Kevin Knox.

The 23rd pick

Unless the Bulls end up in the best case scenario outlined above, they will hopefully have taken either Mikal, Miles, or Knox, in which case the Bulls should look at drafting a big man or a guard.

Possible big men around the 23rd pick are Mitchell Robinson, Daniel Gafford, and Chimezie Metu.

The best guards to take with this pick are Aaron Holiday and Anfernee Simons.

I don't expect whoever the Bulls take with this pick to be an immediate contributing player but I think any one of the players mentioned could potentially be a solid bench player moving forward for the Bulls.

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