Malik Monk Seeks Basketball Return After Ankle Injury

After Injuring his ankle in a pre-draft workout, Malik Monk looks to return to basketball activities in August.

Drafted with the 11th pick in the NBA draft, Hornets' fans held high expectations for Malik Monk, only to be disappointed when the team announced Monk would miss the Orlando Summer League due to an Ankle Injury sustained in a pre-draft workout.

When asked during an autograph signing when he would return, Monk, stated: "What's today? The 29th?" He said. "I start in August. So, August 1st, I can start working out again." Also, Malik bragged that he could handle Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game of basketball.

Monk said that he was mad he was not able to play in the Summer League games for Charlotte. "If I'm not playing, I can't watch. I was mad the whole time. So yeah, I was super mad."

Being the Kentucky Wildcats leading scorer, on a team with other lottery picks De'Aaron Fox and Bam Adebayo, Monk sought to prove that he was the real deal after his draft day slide. Now it looks as if Malik will have to wait until the preseason to show why he thinks he will win Rookie of the Year.

Charlotte fans have been questioning whether or not Malik Monk will start day-one for the Hornets in the upcoming season. This injury was obviously a setback in that happening. With Steve Clifford always wanting rookies to 'earn their minutes,' it should be a close race to see who the starting lineup for the Charlotte Hornets is, come November.

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