Charlotte Hornets Team Salary Analysis

The Charlotte Hornets have spent over $117 million on player contracts for the 2017-18 Season. Let's break that down.

The Charlotte Hornets have been a mediocre team for the last few years. In the NBA, managing the team's salary totals is one of the most important tasks. Let's take a look at the Hornets' biggest player contracts, and which players actually deserve the money they are getting. We will analyze their Player Efficiency Rating (P.E.R.) with their salary to wrap things up. I will also rate the value of each contract, with 1 being terrible and 10 being amazing.

1. PG Kemba Walker

2017-18 Salary: $12,000,000

2016-17 P.E.R.: 21.3

Kemba Walker can easily be called the focal point of the Charlotte Hornets. He leads the team, both mentally, and with stats. It is completely fair to say that the Hornets would not be the same without star Point Guard Kemba Walker. All this, coming at a reasonable price of $12 million per year.

Conclusion: Extremely Good Deal (10)

2. SG Nicolas Batum

2017-18 Salary: $22,434,783

2016-17 P.E.R.: 15.8

Nicolas Batum is the starting shooting guard for the Charlotte Hornets... at least for now. He will surely face intense competition from Hornets first round pick Malik Monk next season, or even later this season. However, for now, Batum is the starter at SG for the Hornets. Being one of the highest-paid players on the Hornets, and possibly losing your starting role does not go well for Batum.

Conclusion: Very Bad Deal (3)

3. SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

2017-18 Salary: $13,000,000

2016-17 P.E.R.: 14.3

Small Forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, nicknamed MKG, is a decent basketball player... when healthy. He is a good rebounder, however, with the addition of rebounding machine Dwight Howard, his numbers will go down. MKG averaged 9 PPG and 7 RPG last season with the Hornets. Being paid only $13 million, MKG's salary is possibly a little high.

Conclusion: OK Deal (4)

4. PF Marvin Williams

2017-18 Salary: $13,168,750

2016-17 P.E.R.: 13.7

Marvin Williams is best known for his three-pointers, that seemingly always fall in. However, with much more attempted three's, his three-point percentage fell to 35% last year. The starting power forward for the Hornets, Williams is an average player that can also play small forward when needed. Williams has lately become more inconsistent and is slightly overpaid.

Conclusion: OK Deal (4)

5. C Dwight Howard

2017-18 Salary: $23,500,000

2016-17 P.E.R.: 20.8

Dwight Howard has the highest current salary on the Charlotte Hornets and has the second highest Player Efficiency Rating. Howard has always had a large contract, but he has the talent to back that up. His numbers have dropped slightly, with his career P.E.R. being 21.7. If Howard can play up to his capabilities this season, he will be well worth the hefty contract.

Conclusion: Fair Deal (5)

6. C Cody Zeller

2017-18 Salary: $12,584,270

2016-17 P.E.R.: 16.7

The first backup on this list, Zeller is used to the starting center position. With Dwight Howard, look for Zeller to come off the bench and enjoy fewer minutes on the court. Cody Zeller is a great Center, with the talent to become one of the best in the Eastern Conference. Playing in the shadow of Howard this season could be difficult for Cody, however, he will still impact the team coming off the bench. Zeller is constantly overlooked, and, for his talent, $12 million sounds pretty good.

Conclusion: Fair Deal (7)

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