Why the Nets Can Look Forward to Caris LeVert

Chosen as the 20th pick in the first round, LeVert should keep Nets fans smiling.

The Nets knew coming into this season, it wouldn't be a good one. Currently 9-26 and at the basement of the Eastern Conference, wins haven't come Brooklyn's way at all. Still, it's apparent to see that the future is something the Nets have in their hands. They have a few young players, so it's all about the rebuilding from here on out until further notice. One of those young players that jump to mind is Caris LeVert. Rewinding the clock back, LeVert was projected to be a lottery pick. Unfortunately, an injury plagued him and his attraction to other teams. So, fortunately for the Nets, they were able to grab him in the first round as the 20th pick. 

Since the Nets were in no rush to be competitive, Brooklyn was the perfect place for LeVert to slowly grow instead of just being thrown into the deep end. Fast forward to now, he's averaging 7.1 points and 2.0 assists in 18.8 minutes per game. As time goes on, he'll have increased minutes and hopefully increased production. The Nets are looking to develop and should be focusing on LeVert for that to happen. 

There isn't much he's not good at honestly. He's a physical specimen with solid athleticism. Adding to that, LeVert can shoot very well and even handle the ball. He's able to create his own shot and has a high IQ for the game. His only real faults are the fact he has a long injury history, and he may get pushed around by stronger shooting guards. The Nets definitely have a potential star on their hands with the right direction, of course. Last but not least, he's 22. So he's got some true basketball experience by staying all four years in Michigan, while still being a rather young prospect. 

However, how does he fit with this team? He's not in the starting lineup right now, but that can change. If he keeps his decent play up as of late up, he could start along side Bojan Bogdanovic. Together, they should work off each other nicely. LeVert would provide more speed and agility, and Bogdanovic would help out with his knockdown shooting. Bottom line, the Nets made a good move picking a shooting guard rather than a big man. LeVert fits with the roster, without a doubt. He'll just need to show his worthiness. 

Overall, Brooklyn has a real gem in LeVert. And that is what every rebuilding team needs to become better. Gems. It's critical you give these gems a chance to shine, otherwise, what's the point? Caris LeVert is something Brooklyn should be loud and proud to have. 

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