2018 NBA Mock Draft: Roundup of Brooklyn Nets Pick

Now that the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery is set there are more mock drafts than ever. When you take them all into consideration, who is the consensus pick for the Brooklyn Nets at 29?

It is finally mock draft season.

The part of the year where basketball experts pretend to understand the intangibles of 19-23-year-olds despite those things being intangible and impossible to understand how someone’s life will play out based on their actions in their early 20s. Yay. Mock Draft Season!

To be fair, mock drafts are like that snack you know is completely unnecessary, bad for you, and will make your stomach do flips later on but you still eat it because it’s so fun and good at the moment. This is the season of fantasy, where roster fits, potential, ceilings, and all things unknown become known.

The mock draft season is not all evil. It gives people a chance to get to know about young players and the journeys they’ve taken to get to the pinnacle of their sport. The behind-the-scenes stuff is always amazingly heartwarming and gives the guys and the sport a feel-good feeling that can sometimes be lacking.

Below is the roundup of seven different sites and who they chose for the Nets at the 29th pick in their respective mock drafts:

Uproxx: Tyus Battle (SG/SF) Syracuse

NBAdraft.net: Jalen Brunson (PG) Villanova

Sportingnews: Jalen Brunson (PG) Villanova

Bleacher Report: Chandler Hutchinson (G) Boise State

CBS Sports: De’Anthonty Melton (PG) Southern California

SI.Com: Jerome Robinson (G) Boston College

Land of 10: Jalen Brunson (PG) Villanova

Guards much? Right now the team is overflowing with guards (Jeremy Lin, D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie are all guaranteed minutes next season) so it would be strange that all seven sites ended up choosing a guard. This comes down to the fact that this is a guard-heavy draft so it is a lot more likely there will still be some talented ones later on in the first round. Also, the Nets do not have a single player who is not replaceable so their best option for the draft will be to choose the best player available.

Jalen Brunson comes out as the main pick. He is seen as a late first round or early second draft pick. He was the national player of the year as a junior at Villanova last season. He is an undersized guard that showed he can lead on the floor by scoring and setting his guys up. Brunson was one of the largest reasons Villanova was able to win two out of the last three National Championships. He is a good value pick. The guy played on the biggest stages against the best college basketball had to offer and he always showed up. He also was the MVP at the 2015 FIBA U19 World Championships. Simply cannot ask for much more from a prospect.

Assuming that there are no talented big men or wings left then the Nets should definitely hope they’re lucky enough to land a prospect with as well rounded a resume as Jalen Brunson. The rest of the guys are all prospects who have either less than a year with real playing time or they’re De’Anthony Melton—who didn’t even finish his year at USC play because of the FBI investigation into the NCAA.

The rest of mock draft season should see some other names and ideas showing up for the Nets 29th pick. Enjoy the wackiness.

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