A Closer Look at Marcus Smart's Shooting Form

Marcus Smart is struggling to shoot three-pointers again. After looking like a new man in the preseason, he's back to hitting less than 30 percent of his shots from deep. What happened?

Marcus Smart arrived at the Celtics preseason training camp 20 pounds lighter and a jump shot that looked 60% smoother. The new and improved skinny Marcus, or Diet Cobra, if you will, connected on three-point shots with ease in the preseason, but has reverted to his old shooting clip in the regular season.

Harsh as it sounds, Smart might be the worst modern three-point shooter. Eight games into his fourth season, Smart is shooting more threes than ever before (by a very narrow margin), taking 4.6 per game and scoring on 1.4 of those attempts on average. Again, Smart’s shooting percentage from deep is below 30 percent while playing a prominent non-starter role (stats via basketball-reference). In a world where NBA big men are adding a three-point shot late in their careers, you can never rule out Smart, but his lack of progress in respect to his shooting compared to his teammates (specifically Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Terry Rozier) means I won’t be holding my breath waiting for skinny Smart’s breakout shooting year.

So what happened to the “new” Smart? Did the magic of his new three-point touch wear off? Here’s what I’ve noticed: Marcus Smart does not stay consistent with his shooting form. If you look at how he shoots from year to year, and sometimes game to game, he has constantly changed how he shoots. Here’s a shot he hit against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2015: