Kyrie Irving's Genuine Enthusiasm to be a Celtic

Kyrie Irving's genuine excitement to be a Celtic reminds us of the human aspects of sports and helps us realize the importance of team chemistry.

Kyrie Irving was beaming in his first press conference as a member of the Boston Celtics. The acquisition of Irving was a business decision at its core, but his genuine enthusiasm to join the Celtics could yield even greater results than we realize. Not to say that happiness leads to better stats, but it could be essential for the team’s survival. Irving’s responses almost felt like they were meticulously crafted ahead of time to make his transition a smooth as possible - too smooth, even. Let me show you what I mean:

The Alley Oop

During Irving’s post-conference interview, CSNNE's Kyle Draper asks him which Celtic he’s most excited to play with. Irving names Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, and then Al Horford in an attempt to list each returning Celtic before asking, “Um, am I missing somebody?”

Jaylen Brown.

“Oh, forgot about high-flying Jaylen Brown that I’m about to be throwing crazy ‘oops to.”

Pause. Did Kyrie just throw an alley-oop to himself while simultaneously talking about throwing alley-oops to a teammate?

Let’s take a moment to appreciate his reaction to the question. Without hesitation, Irving named the few returning Celtics from last year, which I think his way of showing that he wants to become a part of the identity that the Celtics have already established, even if most the players that accelerated the rebuild aren’t on the team anymore.

Here’s the clip: