Kent Bazemore must become an effective playmaker for the Atlanta Hawks

In order for the Atlanta Hawks to have a successful season, Kent Bazemore has to take the next step in being an effective playmaker.

The Atlanta Hawks need Kent Bazemore to become an effective playmaker for the Atlanta Hawks this season.Despite his unorthodox style, Bazemore has the ability to become a superior facilitator in Mike Buldenhozer's offense that emphasizes ball-movement at a steady pace a la the San Antonio Spurs. As much as there've been comparisons of him as his own version of Manu Ginobili, he needs to make bigger strides in becoming a complete player. 

After watching film of the Hawks last two preseason games, the team's offense will be predicated on a variety of motions, kick outs to spacers (Ilyasova, Bellinelli, Babbitt) and pick and rolls with the bigs (Dedmon, Muscala, Plumlee, Collins). These are all areas Bazemore excels in which were on full display Wednesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

His uncanny strength and speed in getting past defenders draw plenty of double teams which allows teammates to get open. In addition, his long arms and wiry frame prevent opponents from attempting to steal the ball easily. The raw talent on this team at each position has improved tremendously from a year ago. Bazemore should find success.

With the loss of All-Star Paul Millsap to the Denver Nuggets, the Hawks will need him to step up and be Schroeder's help in setting up the offense. The direction of the team's success is largely dependent upon how he plays.

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