Grading The Trade: Atlanta, Utah and Indiana involved in Jeff Teague, George Hill and draft pick deal

It didn't take long for the first multi-team trade of the off-season, with Atlanta receiving pick 12, Utah receiving Hill and Indiana receiving Teague.

It didn't take long for the first multi-team trade of the off-season, with Atlanta, Utah and Indiana breaking the ice.

Here's how it went down.

Atlanta Hawks Receive Utah Jazz Receive Indiana Pacers Receive
Utah Jazz 1st round pick (pick 12) George Hill Jeff Teague

Atlanta Hawks B-

The Hawks finally made a decision on Teague and Schroder. They’re all in on Dennis, sending Jeff Teague to Indiana, while receiving Utah's 1st round pick (pick 12).

Giving Dennis (Schroder) a full season starting at point guard is a smart move. It gives Atlanta a whole season to see if he's capable of running a team and whether he's worth offering a big contract to when he becomes a free agent.

The move also frees up cap space to re-sign Bazemore and Horford, while giving them a valuable asset (a late lottery pick).

While they're worse off on paper, it opens up the potential to improve via free agency or another trade.

Utah Jazz B+

Sending their 1st round pick (pick 12) for George Hill is a trade I like for Utah. A lot.

It gives them a point guard who fits their system perfectly (three point shooting, defense), and another option on offense to help make a playoff run, while giving their future point guard in Exum another season to develop.

Exum, who's returning from injury, has shown promise on the defensive end, but it's still unknown when it comes to running an offense, which is something he can learn from Hill.

The only down-side is that Hill only has one year left on his contract, which is still worth the risk trading the 12th pick, given they already have youth spread across every position.

Indiana Pacers C+

On paper, receiving Jeff Teague for George Hill is an upgrade, but in reality, for Indiana, Hill is the better fit.

Indiana is taking the risk that Teague's benefits on the offensive end and his ability to create his own shot will outweigh the nightmare that pairing Teague and Monta Ellis together presents on the defensive end.

Neither Teague or Ellis can guard the Wade, DeRozan and Butler's of the Eastern Conference and both need the ball to be productive, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out next season.

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