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I started Hashtag Basketball 5 years ago because I wanted to create a website free of click-bait headlines, and full of useful fantasy basketball tools.

The website, much like Devin Booker, has gotten better year-by-year and is now trusted by thousands of people every month.

What's HASHTAG+?

Instead of going behind a paywall like most websites, I've decided to continue keeping Hashtag Basketball free for everybody to use, but with the option to go ad-free (and help support and fast-track the development of new tools and content) for $2/mo.

You'll also get early access to my dynasty rankings and early access to new tools as they're getting made.

And you'll also get an invite to my private Slack channel, where I answer fantasy basketball questions in private (so your opponents can't see), and an invite to Patreon-only fantasy basketball leagues.

This access is called HASHTAG+ (sorry, I couldn't think of anything more creative).

Count me in! How do I get HASHTAG+?

You can get HASHTAG+, and receive all of the other neat benefits by visiting my Patreon page. Once you're on the page select Hashtag Basketball (Hashtag+). You'll receive instructions on creating your account after you've subscribed. (You can continue using the same account if you already have one).

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Get HASHTAG+ for $2/mo and get:

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Early access to dynasty rankings

Early access to new tools

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